Planet Earth is dying, and the only means for its survival is the whole world working together against climate change, the spread of pollution, and remedy the general destructive nature of human beings.

Eco-Conscious Life

Pexels | Poster at a protest for climate change

The first step you can take while contributing to the planet’s protection is taking a hard and honest look at the way you live your life and at your habits. When you take the time to think about it, you will realize the part you play in the creation of greenhouse gas emissions and your excessive use of natural resources. The habits listed below are a good way of beginning your journey into healing the planet.

– Ride a Bike or Walk to Work

According to the EPA, one of the largest founts of greenhouse gas emissions in the USA is automobiles. More than half of the transport-related emissions come from vehicles that include cars, minivans, pickup trucks, and SUVs. Driving less and using eco-friendly modes of transport such as biking, walking, or even going for public transport can make a significant change on your carbon footprint.

Automobile companies are also playing their part by creating electric vehicles, while governments are aiding their production by planning to ban manual automobile sales.

Ride a Bike or Walk to Work

Pexels | Opt for environmentally friendly modes of transport

– Stop Wasting Food

The Department of Agriculture in the USA has estimated around 30% to 40% of food supply goes to waste at the consumer and retail levels. That much food could turn out to be beneficial for so many unprivileged people dying of hunger every day.

Not only is this a waste of environmental resources, but it is also a waste of money. Additionally, water, land, labor, and energy used for its production, transportation, processing, preparation, and storing all go to waste as well. Instead of throwing leftovers in the garbage before they expire, take a bit of help from your creative mind and make a new meal.

– Use Water More Carefully

The whole world takes water for granted without realizing what a precious commodity it is. According to EPA, 180 gallons of water is wasted by an average family once a week just from the simple house leaks.

A few ways to prevent this are making sure not to keep the sink water running while doing long tasks like brushing your teeth or washing your face. Check your shower, toilet leak, and faucets from time to time and replace the old fixtures with new ones that are water-efficient.

drinking Water

Pexels | Stop wasting water

Wrapping It Up

One noteworthy point is that there is no way for the environment to magically heal because of these habits. Nevertheless, taking tiny steps in the right direction are very valuable and worthwhile.