Many people, over the course of last year, have decided to pursue healthy living. They have used their spare time to take on new activities such as running. Running is an excellent cardio exercise that can boost your stamina and help you lose weight but, it is not as simple as you might think. It requires proper equipment such as running, athletic footwear, and clothing. However, running can cause pain in your joints and muscles if it is not done properly.

running require suitable clothing

Pexels | Running without proper gear is a big no-no

Usually, runners complain about pain in the hip region while running. If you suffer from this pain, there may be some underlying causes.

Stick around to find out the causes that might be possibly bringing you pain.

1. Muscle Ache

Muscular pain is the most common type of pain that can be caused by running. Muscle strain can be temporary, as it can be caused by either running more or faster than usual. It can easily be resolved through over-the-counter medication for muscular pain or a session with a physiotherapist.

2. Tendinitis

Tendinitis is referred to as the inflammation of the tendon, which leads to pain in the hip. Tendinitis is caused if the runner doesn’t stretch before the run, which is why doctors recommend stretching before any high-intensity activity such as running to avoid pulling a muscle or tendinitis. If you want to know how to properly stretch, you can either speak with a medical professional, or you can look up videos explaining how to stretch properly.

Pexels | Stretching before running is essential

3. Osteoarthritis

If you suffer from any pre-existing conditions such as osteoarthritis, the chances of hip pain greatly increase after running. If your hip bone has endured trauma, it is likely that you might suffer from osteoarthritis. This cannot be taken lightly. Since there is no cure for osteoarthrosis, you need to resort to physical activities that are low-impact in nature and do not require an extensive amount of hip movement.

Deposit Photos | The disease is more common amongst women than men

Deposit Photos | The disease is more common amongst women than men

Bottom Line

Running is an excellent way to keep yourself healthy and active, but it should not come at the expense of your health. Before trying out any new exercise, make sure to understand whether it is suitable for you or not.