Many fans associate The Church of Scientology with stardom because numerous celebrities have spoken about their involvement in the religion. Tom Cruise is a known member of the group but fans are dying to know if power couple Will and Jada Pinkett Smith participate, too, since there have been rumors about their link to the church.

Tom Cruise is a member of the group

Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock — Tom Cruise is a member of the group

Although they have been dodging questions about their connection to the mysterious organization, Will’s latest move may be the confirmation fans have long been waiting for. The ‘I Am Legend’ star gave a $20,000-charitable donation to the Church of Scientology.

Will Smith’s Foundation Donation

In the past, Will maintained that he is not a Scientologist but is interested in being a student of world religion — whatever that means. However, his foundation’s $20,000-donation to the church’s homeschooling program makes it hard for people to believe he has no ties with the group.

To be fair, the Will Smith Foundation has donated thousands of dollars to various charities, so he may just be really willing to help people in general. It is worth noting, however, that his comments about not being a Scientologist closely mirror the statement by his wife, Jada, in an interview.


Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock — Will previously denied that he is a Scientologist

In the said interview, Jada said she isn’t a Scientologist but she is interested in what the belief has to offer. As such, there really is no concrete answer if they are members, which means they shouldn’t expect the rumors to die soon.

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s Unconventional Marriage

Apart from their rumored association to the Church of Scientology, Will and Jada are noticeably leading a life outside the norms – the biggest example of which is their alleged ‘open marriage.’ In an interview, the ‘Girls Trip’ star revealed that she lets her husband do anything as long as he can look in the mirror and still be okay with the person he is.

Elucidating on the matter, Jada said that although she is his partner, Will ‘is his own man.’ As such, ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ star has the right to decide who he wants to be with – what exactly she meant by that, no one knows.

Will and Jada

360b / Shutterstock — The couple’s marriage beliefs are eyebrow-raising

Then, in another interview, Jada revealed that she is fine if Will is attracted to another woman because that doesn’t necessarily mean that he is in love with the person. This answer raised some eyebrows, but some noted that they may be comfortable with an open setup.

The couple also famously threw away the concept of marriage out the window, calling their relationship ‘life partnership.’ They noted that nothing can separate them.