In a perfect world, we would all be in the prime of health, our food would provide us with all the necessary minerals and vitamins, and life would be a bed of roses. But this ain’t a perfect world, and our lifestyles are quite far from ideal.

Given the sort of nourishment we consume (which is generally contaminated) and the level of pressure and stress we have in our everyday lives, nutritional supplements have become an unsaid necessity. But quite often, we find ourselves torn between whether or not we should depend on these external doses of health.

Taking Nutritional Supplements

SGS | Modern day inadequate nutrition intake has made dependence on supplements a necessity

So, to put all confusions to rest, we’ve compiled this list of the reasons that demonstrate why most of us actually need nutritional supplements, regardless of how healthy we consider our lives to be.

To replenish the energy consumed every day

Many people are in the habit of exercising regularly, and as such, they need a high amount of energy to stay fit. As we workout, our bodies utilize the energy that we’ve received from our food.

Now, if we don’t replenish this energy, we might feel lethargic throughout the day. Nutritional supplements come to the aid in such scenarios. They help recharge our energy levels, and stimulate recovery after a power workout.

To improve weak digestion

Weak digestion is perhaps a major health issue several people deal with these days. Untimely meals, lack of proper sleep, and unending stress are the major reasons behind it.

Those who suffer from digestive issues can’t assimilate nutrients adequately, and this is why taking supplements becomes advisable for them. External supplements can help them support digestion and improve their gut health.

weak digestion

Food Revolution Network | In addition to providing nutrition, supplements offer benefits like improved digestion

To overcome deficiencies

As already highlighted above, today, most of us consume food that lacks adequate nutrition. As a result, several people suffer from deficiencies of necessary vitamins and minerals. Conditions like anemia, bone health disorders, celiac disease, and several others might arise due to these deficiencies. To overcome them, in addition to consuming nutritious food, external supplements are often needed.

To provide nutrition to unborn child

While expecting mothers take utmost care of their unborn babies, often, due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, some nutritional elements might not get passed on to the child.

In such cases, the child’s growth may get adversely impacted. To overcome this, pregnant women are often prescribed health supplements to ensure that the baby growing within them gets proper nutrition.

To provide nutrition to unborn child

HuffPost | Pregnant women are often advised supplements to give nutrition to the unborn child

To sum it up

Vitamins and minerals play a major role in promoting optimum health. While the quantity of micro-nutrients one needs may differ from person to person, what can’t be ignored is the fact that a majority of us do need them sooner or later.

But now that you know this, it doesn’t mean that you start taking any kinds of supplements you can find. Consult your doctor before you start to ensure that your health stays on the right track.