Do you want to feel like a changed person in the coming years? If you plan to become smarter, healthier, and happier, you can allow that to happen by making surprisingly small changes in your lifestyle.

In one year, making small adjustments such as taking the stairs or making sure to use olive oil instead of butter can change you inside out without feeling pressured. Make some minor changes in your daily life and get ready to reap the rewards in no time.

Foods and Early death

Walk around your local store!

If you visit your nearest mall and take a stroll before you start shopping, then there’s a chance that you’ll walk about 12 extra miles in one year. If you do that, you’ll be able to help your blood flow better, as your heart rate goes up. You won’t even realize that you’re doing some kind of cardio.

Choose the stairs

It looks insignificant when we think about swapping the lift for the stairs. But if you do it in a span of a year, you’ll be able to feel its benefits. Why? Because you’re basically doing cardio by skipping the elevator, where you just standstill.

Aside from the benefits of cardio, your metabolism will also go up. You may even notice a change in your sedentary behavior and will proceed to move.

Its time to give your snack choices a thought

Who doesn’t love snacks? For some, a bag of chips or a tin of cookies is enough to satisfy their hunger. However, it’s not good to just eat whatever you get your hands on. Instead, try eating healthy things such as almonds, berries, bananas, and peanut butter.

You can also avoid eating meat by eating more hummus or crunchy vegetables. Believe us, trading your midday candy bar with an actual nutritious snack can make a whole lot of difference.

Avoid butter and use oil

Consumption of oil instead of butter lowers the risk of heart-related diseases. 13,000 people were asked to replace butter with oil in a study done by Harvard. By the end of the experiment, researchers saw a substantial drop in the risks associated with heart diseases among the participants.

Don’t sit all day and move after every twenty minutes

Immobility and premature death

Here’s the sad part: If you sit all day and don’t move a muscle, this can shorten your life. Research has shown that people who sat for prolonged hours while they aren’t working were more likely to die earlier than those who sat for three hours.

All the sitting could have adverse effects on cholesterol levels, glucose levels, and changes in blood pressure. Try to move as much as you can every day, especially if you tend to sit for hours due to your job.