We’re living in an age where everyone has an iron in their homes but no time for ironing. If your iron and ironing board are just sitting in a depressing corner of the house, collecting dust, don’t worry, mine are too! Not because I like to wear wrinkly clothes to work every day but because I stumbled upon a genius laundry hack a while ago that has saved me from the trouble of ironing for the rest of my life!

 GENIUS Ice Cube Hack to Dewrinkle Clothes

The Ice Cube Hack

Ever since I discovered this ice cube method for dewrinking clothes, life has never been easier. Instead of wasting a perfectly good Sunday getting the next week’s clothes ironed and ready to wear, this hack has freed up more time for other chores and even allowed me a few extra hours of relaxing in front of the television, and honestly, I’ve never been happier. Now, this is what weekends should really feel like.

That ironing board that used to be the bane of my existence? Well, I haven’t used ever since I found out about this cool hack (pun intended, as you’ll see in a moment) years ago. Now that I’ve piqued your curiosity, you’re probably wondering what this ice cube method is and if it’s really effective. Just a little more patience, we’re getting to it.

The Ice Cube Hack

So, here’s what I’ve been doing for years to get wrinkle-free clothes without needing an iron: all you need for this method is your trusty old dryer and three ice cubes – that’s it! You’re probably a little confused by this point and wondering how this weird hack actually works. No, these aren’t some magical ice cubes sprinkled with fairy dust and you definitely won’t need to chant a witch spell to make them work their magic on your clothes. The answer is actually… science!

How it Actually Works

When you put the ice cubes in a hot dryer, the water evaporates and turns into steam. This steam combined with the high-temperature environment inside the dryer acts as iron and smooths out the creases, even getting into the hard-to-reach nooks that are often difficult to iron.

To perform this hack, put your damp clothes in the dryer and chuck in three ice cubes before turning on the machine on high setting. Let the clothes tumble for a few minutes with the steam created from the ice cubes, before turning the heat down for the remainder of the drying time. This method actually works best when you’re only drying a few clothing articles, so make sure to do this process in batches instead of overcrowding the dryer all at once.

If you’re someone like me who’s always on the rush or just doesn’t have the patience for mundane tasks like ironing, this hack will be a life-saver. I consider myself a domestic goddess, but ironing is that one thing I hate with a passion. So, kudos to whoever invented this genius hack that doesn’t just save time but also your sanity.

Other Dewrinking Hacks

The Ice Cube Hack

There are plenty of other mediocre dewrinkling hacks out there that aren’t very effective. This one, however, lives up to the hype, and I myself have been successfully trying this method for years. No one at the office even notices that my perfectly smooth clothes are actually not ironed. Shhh… this can be our little secret now.

Don’t have a dryer at home? Don’t worry, you can still get wrinkle-free clothes by hanging them in the bathroom as you shower. The steam from the shower should work the same way as the ice cubes – although not as effective as the dryer method – to smooth out the creases and give you wrinkle-free clothes.

Using a teapot to smooth out wrinkles is one of the oldest tricks in the book, one that you can do while making yourself a cup of tea or preparing your morning breakfast. Use the steam from the boiling kettle to freshen up your clothing articles or use the bottom of a hot teapot (making sure it’s clean first) to run over your clothes.