A good night’s sleep is vital for a healthy body and mind. But unfortunately, not all people are blessed with this gift. Many people struggle to sleep peacefully, and one of the major reasons behind this is the wrong choice of mattress.

As per Better Sleep Council’s advice, you should change your mattress after using it for seven to ten years, since in such a span of time, it starts causing discomforts like soreness or body aches.

Buy a Mattress at Reasonable Rates

American Mattress Inc | If you’re thinking of buying a new mattress, do it at “discount heavy” times

Even though buying a mattress isn’t cheap, there are certain holidays and offers to ease your bills. If you’d like to save a few bucks on your home shopping this year, you better not miss these deals.

The best time to purchase a mattress

Honestly, the holiday season is the best time to buy a mattress because starting November, retailers start offering stunning deals.

For example, take a look at the Mattress Firm, which offers huge discounts like $600 off on mattress bases or 30% off on mattress styles. Another example is Macy’s, which offers queen-size mattresses starting from $139 from 1 November to 31 January. Next in line is President’s Day in mid-February. During this time firms, like Serta’s offer huge deals. Their recent offer featured gel memory foam mattress for $195 and Therapedic mattresses starting at $189 at American stores.

purchase a mattress

Business Insider Australia | The holidays are concerned great for mattress shopping since stores offer discounts and deals

But did you miss most of these deals already? Oh well, there’s nothing to worry. You still have the Fourth of July to look forward to! You can grab the biggest deals during the first week of July as most sellers are ready to give away some amazing discounts. In 2019, Casper and Leesa offered regular mattresses at a discounted price ranging from $125 to $225 during Fourth of July sales.

Similarly on Labors Day retailers put up advertisements a week earlier and keep it running through Labor Day Monday. Another good time for the purchase is Veteran’s Day. Past trends show sellers like Casper and Leesa offering 10 to 15% off on Veteran’s Day.

Just FYI, new mattresses drop in stores during March and April, so that’s a good time to buy old mattresses that are being cleared out. Apart from these days, May is also a nice time to go mattress shopping. Memorial Day in May garners the most attention from sellers, especially in terms of discounts.

During this time you can buy expensive mattresses at a discounted price like never before. For the record, the period from June to September is known as an overpriced period, especially for mattress shopping so avoid purchasing during this period.

Buy a Mattress

Business Insider Australia | The holidays are concerned great for mattress shopping since stores offer discounts and deals

Wrapping it up

Though it’s generally regarded as the best, holiday seasons arearen’t the only time you can buy stuff like mattresses. Well-established firms also offer discounts on their anniversaries, so look out for such days. And always double-check the product before buying because being impulsive can cost you a fortune.