There are very few automotive brands that exude luxury just by their name, and Volkswagen is one of them. Have you ever owned or taken a ride in a VW? If you have, you know that it’s hard not to feel luxurious inside one, not to mention, extremely comfortable.

Maybe it’s the keen eye for customer satisfaction that the brand has, or maybe it’s just magic; we’ll never know! One thing is for sure though; the specifications of this year’s releases from Volkswagen are indeed magical.


BBC | Volkswagen is releasing three high-end models but two of them won’t be sold in the US

VW is all set to release three brand new models pretty soon – the Golf Wagon, the Mk 8 Golf, and the Alltrack. And while the world’s quite excited about that, the US market isn’t so thrilled. And the reason is that two of these three models won’t be supplied to America. The Mk 8 Golf is all set to make its way to US shores though which might bring some comfort.

All said and done, American fans of VW needn’t despair. We’ve got the deets on the Golf Wagon right here, and if you like cars, you’ll fall head-over-heels in love with this one. Check it out

Meet the Volkswagen Golf Wagon

The VW Golf Wagon has a wheelbase that’s 2.6 inches longer than the previous versions, and the extra inches offer advantages that though may not be apparent to everyone are important and make a difference in the overall experience.

They come with the benefit of more seating space for the rear passengers as well as for the driver and front passenger, and even an increase in cargo space.

the Volkswagen Golf Wagon

Pinterest | The Golf Wagon and the Alltrack are impressive and have several improvements over their predecessors

And here’s a sneak peek into the Alltrack as well. The model is somewhat similar to its predecessor as it includes a raised ride height, standard 4Motion all-wheel drive and a bit of an extra plastic cladding. But it’s definitely a wonderful car in all aspects, and even the features that haven’t changed have witnessed extensive improvements and updates.

Both these models won’t be sold in the United States since Volkswagen has stopped supplying them here since 2019. Last year’s models were the last of their kind.

Launch plans

Production of the Mk 8 Golf will start soon, and as usual, it’s expected that the car will be launched in its home country, Germany, first.

Volkswagen Launch plans

Volkswagen AG | Volkswagen stopped supplying these models to the US since 2019

All in all, it’s quite likely that a day will come when we remember these releases from Volkswagen as part of a long gone golden era of SUVs.

But in any case, you can rest assured that if you’re eager to buy a car from Volkswagen, you’ll get one since the new-generation Golf GTI and Golf R hot hatches are on their way to your doorstep.