Have you ever thought that being a celebrity is tough? If not, well, this post will open your eyes. Not just that, it will take the hardship celebrities to face to a new level.

In a bid to entertain, sometimes the media forgets that even celebs are humans who’re entitled to privacy. Though there are numerous instances available in history, a recent one involves the case of the clash between Meghan Markle and the Mail.

Verdict In Meghan Markle’s Case

She Knows | The hearing date in Meghan Markle’s case against the Mail delayed till October 2021

Starting with what triggered the clash

The Duchess of Sussex has been on and off the news for both her choice of partner and her accomplishments. From the time she got married to Prince Harry, there’ve been speculations around the longevity of the marriage. Some fans were on cloud nine while others kept on trolling her. In such an already sensitive setting, the revelation of estranged relations between Meghan and her father only made matters worse.

Now, while most of us witness family issues, a particularly verbal rift between Meghan and her father got highlighted in the media. A video was filmed in which Meghan was seen talking about how her relationship with her father wasn’t going well.

The problem arose when Meghan found out that her father, Thomas Markle, had paid the paparazzi to get featured in the news. Why did he do that? Because, shockingly, he wanted to take advantage of her marriage to Prince Harry!

 Markle private letter to her father

Inside Edition | Markle has sued the Mail for publishing a private letter that she wrote to her father

Reportedly, Thomas Markle had been maligning the Duchess of Sussex by saying that she never supported him financially.

After witnessing such spiteful statements, she penned down a letter to her father, asking him to stop creating trouble in her life. But the problem arose when the Mail published this letter for the world to see, which of course, hurt the Duchess deeply.

Details of the legal case

After the letter was displayed, Meghan sued the Mail under charges of invasion of privacy, infringement of data protection rights, and infringement of copyright for exhibiting a private letter to her father. The case was scheduled to begin on the 11th of January 2021, but after a closed hearing, Meghan has been successful in postponing the hearing date to October 15, 2021.

Judge Mr. Justice Warby agreed to the postponement but disapproved of her second application, which requested to stop the newspaper house from using facets of the book published on the ex-royal couple’s life as evidence.

legal case of Meghan

Pinterest | Though the date has been delayed, the court hasn’t accepted her request for not citing details from the book Finding Freedom

Summing it up

A public figure always struggles to find some private moments. Whether it’s spending time with family or in situations like the one Meghan has faced, their career can come to an end if anything goes wrong. Therefore we should try our best to support them rather than troll. They always say that fans keep them motivated, so let’s prove it by being kind and patient.