It’s been months since the world is battling with one question – is there a proper cure to COVID-19? Sadly, till date, a straight and confident answer to that hasn’t been found.

There has been endless research and scientists have been digging since the outbreak, but a Coronavirus vaccine is yet to reach the masses. But if there’s one positive that’s come out of all this, it’s the realization that there are several nutritional elements we should regularly intake to keep our overall health in good shape. One such element is vitamin D.

Through this post, let’s try to understand the relationship between Coronavirus and vitamin D.

vitamin D and Coronavirus

The Conversation | Global research points out a clear connection between vitamin D and Coronavirus

Why is vitamin D important to our bodies?

Vitamin D promotes a wide range of functions in the human body. There’s one particular benefit of the element most of us are familiar with, and that’s that it makes our bones strong. But in essence, its function isn’t limited to bones. The vitamin helps in the absorption of calcium in our guts and reduces inflammation. Plus, it promotes cell growth, improves the immune system and, helps control the sugar in our body.

Does vitamin D help in fighting COVID-19?

While research on the connection between vitamin D and COVID isn’t popular, some universities like JAMA and the Spanish university in Granada have looked into the matter.

After months of research, Dr. David Meltzer, Ph.D. MD and lead author at JAMA has clarified that it isn’t certain that vitamin D can directly cure Coronavirus. He emphasized that there is a physiological and biological relation between the two, and a person with a deficit is more prone to catching the virus, but it can’t be said for sure how immune someone with sufficient intake of the vitamin will be. The Spanish university too conducted tested on groups of people with and without a vitamin D deficit and deduced almost the same results.

lack of Vitamin D is harmful

WebMD Blogs | According to scientists, people with vitamin D deficit are more prone to catching the virus

Well, looks like us mortals will have to just wait and watch. But if it helps, why not make sure we get a healthy amount of the vitamin anyways?

Recommended sources and dosages of vitamin D

As per the National Institute of Health, adults are advised to take at most 15 grams of vitamin D on a daily basis. However, the exact amount required by each person is different so you should consult your physician before taking a vitamin D supplement.

The best and most natural source of vitamin D is sunlight. But you can also obtain a good amount from fatty fish and fish liver oil. Some of the other sources are mushroom, beef liver, egg, etc.

 Vitamin D is useful but it doesn't prevent corona

Health Magazine | Though simple taking vitamin D doesn’t prevent Corona, the element should be consumed for its overall health benefits

To Conclude

Though there’s uncertainty around the role of vitamin D in preventing COVID-19, the result offered by global studies does point out a clear connection. Vitamin D along with other safety majors like wearing a mask, sanitizing our hands, and cleanliness may actually help in keeping the virus at bay.