Relationships require a lot of emotional investment. Having a strong relationship end in ruins feels like a calamity or like the sky is falling. When one commits to a relationship, they do it for the long-term.

However, sometimes, one or both in the couple fall short of keeping the promise. This is not always because love fails to hold out. Sometimes, love still remains, but honesty and trust are severely lacking.

Making Strong Relationship

Unsplash |It takes time to cultivate a strong bond

Relationships might sometimes continue without love, but no relationship can survive without trust.

When do you know that you trust your partner?

The real question is how to identify if you really trust your partner. And the answer is quite simple- do you think you can entrust your partner with all your secrets? Are you constantly on the edge that your partner will leave you? Or can you sleep soundly knowing that your partner will be there even after a bumpy ride? Do you feel suffocated with your partner, or are you sure that he/she is the best life partner that you can get?

The answer to these simple riddles will tell you whether your relationship is based on trust or if it is void of it. We desperately hope it is not the latter but, if it is, below are a few simple tips and advice for you to establish trust in your relationship.

trust partner

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– Remain Honest

A healthy relationship is based on honesty. Every lie will, at one time, get uncovered and rattle the foundation of your love. Thus, no matter how hard it feels, stay honest in your relationship with each other.

Abstain from telling any conscious lie. If you think your love cannot withstand the truth at a particular time in the relationship, then it means your love can never tolerate this truth and shatter at first sight of it.

It is better to be honest from the start and see where you go from there.

– Embrace Vulnerability

As difficult and threatening as it sounds, your love can only be strongest if it allows you to be vulnerable. Be open with your partner, with your faults and misgivings, and allow your companion the same liberty of being open with you. Share your grievances, your fears, and your complaints because that is the only way you both can safely say you love each other for who they are.

 Embrace Vulnerability

Unsplash | Unleash your inner truth to your partner

– Lastly, Respect Each Other

This is age-old advice. No relationship can survive without respect. Respect each other in public and private. Love cannot substitute the need for respect. Respect each other and grow in love. Have a relationship that is strong in the face of any and every storm, with each other as your pillars of strength.