We can all agree that the life of the ex-royal couple, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, is unusual, and without a doubt, adventurous. They’ve had many hard times and made some courageous decisions. But often, their decisions caused trouble for them when they were least expecting it.

The world got a little shock when the Duchess of Sussex recently claimed that the royal family made her feel “unprotected” when she was expecting. You’d think that the most guarded family in the world would be a place where anyone would feel protected, wouldn’t you?

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A few court documents recently came to light wherein Meghan Markle claimed to feel unprotected by the allegations the royal family made against her in the British press during her pregnancy.

According to the British newspaper, The Guardian, these details were included in the documents of the lawsuit filed by Meghan against the newspaper “Mail on Sunday.” In the lawsuit, she complained about the violation of her privacy. The Duchess filed the lawsuit after the newspaper published parts of a letter she’d sent to her father, Thomas Markle.

Meghan’s lawyers claimed that she’d become the subject of many false and destructive articles for the British media (especially Mail on Sunday), which caused her psychological problems. The allegations proved to be quite risky for her health since she was pregnant at the time and wasn’t protected by the royal institution.

For its part, Associated Newspapers told Mail on Sunday that it got the messages that caused the crisis from Meghan’s father, who had issued them publicly in an attempt to defend himself after Meghan’s friends gave an interview to People magazine. According to him, they’d talked about Thomas Markle’s relationship with his daughter incorrectly and in an attempt to defame him.

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In response, Meghan’s lawyers claim that she was not aware that her friends had conducted an interview with the magazine and that she felt terrible that someone would talk about the content of her message to her father during the interview.

Meanwhile, Kensington Palace recommended that all of Meghan’s friends’ and family’s responses to any question directed to them would be left un-entertained. This silenced all of the prosecutor’s friends and relatives who had correct information about the case, while other sources were able to release false statements about Meghan.

The documents added that Meghan indicated that her wedding to Harry raised the British tourism revenues by more than one billion pounds. This amount exceeds the contribution of the taxpayers’ money.

It’s worth mentioning that Harry and Meghan announced they had stepped down from their royal duties in January and moved to Canada for a while before heading to California at the beginning of April.