At the onset of the new year 2021, Queen Elizabeth revealed her new year’s honors list. Among the names deemed auspicious for the British audience, Sir Lewis Hamilton’s name shined bright due to his remarkable performance on the racing tracks in the year 2020.

Queen Elizabeth and Sir Lewis Hamilton

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Sir Lewis Hamilton is not only a record-breaker in the world of Formula One racing platform, but he is also a social activist, fashion designer, and a melodic musician. In 2020, he competed on behalf of Mercedes in the F1 races. Previously he has collaborated with McLaren from 2007 for five years straight.

He has numerous accolades and victories under his belt, with his most prominent victory being that of being a seven-time world champion in F1 races at the age of 35. He is the fourth racer to have gained this royal tribute of knighthood. He has been preceded by prominent names like Sir Jackie Stewart, Sir Stirling Moss, and Sir Jack Brabham.

The Unending Lists Of Achievements

He has tied his records with the great German racer, Sir Jack Brabham and is the only British racer to be in occupation while getting knighted. He has an impressive track record of 91 total wins, 155 podium finishes, and 68 pole finishes. He also has a distinguished achievement rack for most wins in a season and the fastest lap runs.

Lewis Hamilton has most wins in a season

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Appraisal By Contemporaries And Friends

Many of his friends and colleagues have taken to social media to congratulate Sir Lewis Hamilton’s newly knighted. He turned 36 just a week back on January 7, yet his spirit on the racetrack remains unparalleled by his competitors, most of whom average 10 to 15 years younger than him.

The 1996 world champion on the racetrack, Hill, exclaimed that this tribute was well-deserved by Hamilton. Hill also appraised Hamilton’s efforts in campaigning for the “Black Lives Matter movement.”

He expressed appreciation for the racer’s bravery and boldness at campaigning on such a political debacle at a time when his position as a black could derail his steady climb in the hearts of fans and his place on the racing track. He showed no qualms in proudly admitting himself to be a Black and showing uniformity with his colored family by admitting that he shared a common experience that all black people suffer due to racial discrimination.

Sir Lewis Hamilton and Meghan Markle

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His knighthood is not only an appraisal of his track record as an F1 racer but also as a social activist raising his voice for justice.