For the 13th year in a row, the New York Wine and Food Festival, organized in partnership with Channel One, raises its curtains for the general public on October 11th. This time, post the period of suffering brought about by the coronavirus, the event is scheduled to be held on a much larger scale. Earlier it centered around tasting food delicacies from different cuisines and different kitchens on the streets of New York, but this year, this festival provides an opportunity to view professional chefs in their own private dens, cooking their signature dishes and imparting rare pieces of culinary wisdom.

The event, as usual, surfaces with the noble purpose of supporting and creating awareness for the No Kid Hungry and Food Bank for New York City initiatives. This year’s festival has become more auspicious due to the participation of big names like Martha Stewart, Andrew Zimmerman, Jesse James Decker, Katie Lee, and Rachel Ray. It is not only a surprising treat to see them weave their magic and dish a masterpiece onto their plates but, it is also once in a lifetime opportunity to have them be your mentors and observe them function melodiously in their thoughtfully designed kitchens.

To set the footing for such a grand event, let’s peep into a few of their kitchens and see how they have their hub decked out.

1. Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart

Getty Images |Martha is an all-round lifestyle guru

You must know her through her program Martha Knows Best and her rock session at NYCWFF on Berry Layer Cake Recipe.  She describes her kitchen with pride as a center of efficiency and warmth.

The highlight of her kitchen is the two islands that she believes offer a lot of functionality as a prep table, and an adequate dining and storage space. She has also a steel rack installed above the islands to showcase her precious pans and pots and have them permanently at hand.

2. Andrew Zimmerman

Andrew Zimmerman

PRNewsFoto | It’s a surprise that Zimmerman took the time out for this

This time of the year, the winner of the James Beard Award, Andrew Zimmerman is deeply occupied at his production and restaurant house, ‘Intuitive Content and Passport Hospitality.’ He revealed that as an avid fan of baking, his favorite parts of the kitchen space are the flattop griddle and a big island because it has a lot of potential for storage by doubling as a wine fridge, plate warmer, and storage cabinets, while also providing ample top surface to deck out the multiple appliances.

3. Jacques Torres

Jacques Torres

Thrive |Torres’ application of science in cooking is fascinating

A French chocolate and professional pastry chef, he goes a little overboard with his love for islands. In his kitchen, he has two kinds of tops installed, one being marble and the other wooden.  He emphasizes that the marble top makes handling buttery dough easier because of the cool nature of marble. On the contrary, a wooden surface presents a good surface for kneading pizza and bread dough.

Choosing a kitchen layout is crucial for presenting a perfect meal. Let’s await the grand festival to see how well these masters perform in their custom-built kitchens and how you should go about redesigning yours