Unexpectedly coming across hidden treasure is a dream we all have. And, most of us are guilting of perusing through our coin collections to come across one that is particularly more valuable than others. While the chances of a super rare coin being hidden away in some part of your home are unlikely, you’d be happy to know that not all of them are worthless.

The Most Valuable Coins

Unsplash | Coin collecting is a major hobby of many people around the world

But, before you pick up your purse and head out on your search for these coins, consider a numismatist’s opinions. Don’t know what that is? In simple words, we call them Coin Collectors or Experts.

Be Careful Not to Be Duped

American Rarities president and head numismatist, Warren Zivi, states that collecting coins can be as much of an investment as it is a hobby. He emphasizes the importance of making good choices with regards to coin selection.

When you’re newly getting into the field, you need to consider what your end goal is- that is, whether you’d like to enjoy yourself collecting these coins, or if you’d like to become an investor and earn some money.

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Unsplash | It is important to refer to credible sources while buying a coin

Either way, first of all, you need to know what you’re doing, explains Zivi. He recommends getting your hands on the bible for coin enthusiasts, “A Guide Book of United States Coins“.

He adds that, if you’re planning on getting your information from the internet, think again. Many scammers take a normal coin and auction it off as a rare one. What you should do is join Coin World, the leading authority with the latest information, as well as the condition of the industry at any time.

Exploring the most valuable coins in the world

You need to know that these coins aren’t restricted to just investors and museums. In fact, if you give your couch a good rummaging, you might just be able to find them.

Exploring the most valuable coins

Unsplash | You might just find a valuable coin inside your old couch

1. The Flowing Hair Silver Dollar- 1794

This coin sits at the top of the list, being the most expensive coin ever sold. In 2013, the coin was sold in an auction for over $10 million. Experts predict that there might be 120-130 coins remaining out there.

2. The Brasher Dubloon- 1787

According to Coin World, the coin was sold twice in the past decade for a fortune. In 2011, it was sold for almost $7.4 million, and in 2018, for over $5 million.

3. The Fugio Cent- 1787

This coin might not change your life overnight, but it can get you a couple of thousand dollars. You could buy this for as high as $10,000 if it’s in good condition.

4. The Umayyad Gold Dinar-723

This is one of the most valuable Islamic coins. In 2011, it was sold for $6 million in an auction, making it the second most expensive coin ever sold.

5. The Edward III Florin- 1343

Gold coins of this kind are massively rare. In fact, only three coins known to us fall in the same category. In 2006, the coin was sold for $850,000. But, it is estimated that the coin is now worth over $6.8 million.

6. The Lincoln Head Copper Penny- 1943

While they look very alike to their steel-made brothers, these copper coins hold much more value. In 2019, one such coin was sold for $204,000 each in an auction. The owner had owned it since he was a young boy.

7. The $1 Million Canadian Gold Maple Leaf- 2007

This coin is considered a novelty and weighs 100 kilograms. In 2010, the coin was sold off at an auction for $4 million.