The coronavirus has been pretty unselective when it came to wreaking havoc throughout the world. It took plenty of lives and broke many families. The skyrocketing death count ruthlessly separated friends and family. The obligation of social distancing created unconceivable distances between people who were alive but bound by morality to meet their loved ones.

2020 was a year of calamity, but it has offered a respite in the form of covid vaccines towards its end. These vaccines have been approved by the FED authorities in Alaska and immediately requested by the nation to meet consumers before the end of this dreadful year.

vaccine is Reaching to Rescue the Alaskans

Unsplash |COVID has transformed the meaning of socialization

Alaska and the Dismal Situation

This vaccine has been the need of Alaska, especially now, since the coronavirus has once again gripped the nation by the throat, and the tally of the infected people is rising exponentially. The healthcare division of the country is burdened beyond measure and close to collapse. The coronavirus’s second wave has been nothing but merciless for the Alaskans who had just begun recovering from the first onslaught.

The Expected Delivery of COVID-19 Vaccine to Alaska

Clinton Bennett, Spokesperson from the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, revealed that the first shipment of the vaccine is expected to make an arrival on Sunday night and continue till Tuesday.

The variance and uncertainty in the schedule owe itself to the multiple shipments expected. The first batch of vaccines is commissioned from Pfizer and will comprise 35100 doses of the corona vaccine. The vaccines’ distribution strategy has been carefully drafted first to relieve people who received the greatest impact and bring them to the sideline- safe and sound.

vaccine distribution in Alaska

hutterstock |The vaccines are ready for distribution

The First Recipients of the Corona Vaccine

Corona in Alaska has spread from widely populated cities to even the sparsely populated and isolated communities. This is a grave sketch of the situation. The government has revealed the timeline of vaccine distribution. The first batch will be used to immunize healthcare workers and employees in nursing homes. These are the first lines of defense against corona in the country.

The trouble has been that, not only are these healthcare workers in the forefront getting exposed to corona out of civic and moral duty, but, also if these healthcare workers fall ill or become victimized by the virus, they will be unable to attend patients. This will put increasing pressure on the already fragile healthcare institute of the country. The medical facilities are already shaking beneath the weight of overload of corona patients.

However, the situation is set to improve once the vaccine reaches the country and delivers favorable results.