Have you ever felt guilty when you wanted to diet but ended up eating foods that you weren’t supposed to? TBH, we’ve all been there, and it’s genuinely hard to go away from foods that you love. But that’s exactly what experts recommend if you want to achieve real results.

You know, losing weight would be simpler if nutritionists weren’t hell-bent on a strict diet culture. Okay, so they allow a cheat day now and then, but that’s still just one day of your favorite food *sad face*.

Losing weight with Intuitive Eating

Unsplash | Losing weight would be simpler if nutritionists weren’t hell-bent on a strict diet culture

Fortunately, with Intuitive Eating (IE), you can have a cheat day every day! IE is an approach that discards all those markings that dieticians set on what and how much food you should consume. With this diet, you get to control what you eat and how much you eat.

To ace at IE you’d have to understand how it works, and keep the following in mind:

You can practice IE with your nutrition plan

You’re probably still stuck on what we just said; that IE will discard all rules your dieticians set. Well, that’s true, but you’ll need to remember that for every rule there are exceptions. Some people have health issues that need strict food plans, so it would still be a bit tough for them.

But the best part is that such people can combine IE with their regular meal plans. While practicing IE along with your nutritional program, you’ll able to have total control over what you eat. Research has shown that when someone has the liberty to figure out what their body wants, they tend to be in good shape.

Diet With intuitive eating

Unsplash | With intuitive eating, you can have total control over what you eat and how much you eat

IE is for everybody

Don’t let anybody let you think that IE is for a limited set of people. Such a statement is a fallacy. Remember that IE deals with two things; food and body. It is a mindset that makes you see the connection of food to your being regardless of who you are or what lifestyle you follow.

IE is not a weight loss plan

You read that right. Nobody can promise you that while practicing IE, you will lose weight. Though some people have unconsciously lost some weight while practicing IE, others have shockingly added up on the pounds. The approach aims to bring your body at peace with what it needs. If you can do that with the food you love, nothing like it!

IE is not a weight loss plan

Unsplash | But beware, intuitive eating isn’t a magic weight loss plan

To Conclude

Intuitive eating has been in use for several years now and has impacted people’s lives positively. Most people who practice this approach know when to eat, what to eat, and the amount they need.

You can diet happily with IE. Instead of forcing yourself to discard and embrace some foods, IE will show you how to live your life to the fullest.