With scientists across the world determined to find a cure for Coronavirus, probably every element on the periodic table has been researched thoroughly. And guess what, researchers have found a particular interest in Zinc!

Zinc and Coronavirus

Healthline | Research has found a definitive link between Zinc and Coronavirus

According to studies, Zinc has some very effective antiviral properties. Scientists point out that there is a definitive connection between Zinc and Coronavirus since the element impacts the human immune system. But nothing has been officially stated as yet and things are still being explored.

But it does make you wonder, right? How can Zinc consumption safeguard you against not just Corona, but other viruses as well? Let’s find out.

Here’s a look at the preliminary research

Dr. Roberto Guerrie Fernandez of Spain conducted a study at Barcelona hospital with 611 COVID patients, both men, and women, having an average age of 63. Fasting blood samples were collected from the subjects from mid-March to the end of April. The lab results of 249 representative samples reflected a significant difference. It was found that those who succumbed to death had much lower zinc levels than those who survived. The results thus reflected a positive correlation between lower levels of Zinc and death rates from COVID.

Zinc consumption can lead to fewer chances of contracting Coronavirus

Brainfacts | According to scientists, Zinc consumption can lead to fewer chances of contracting Coronavirus, but there’s no direct cause and effect relationship

But before you rush to add Zinc to your diet, you should know this

The results from such studies aren’t officially publicized yet. And that means there’s still room for accuracy. Philip C. Calder, Ph.D., said that none of the results show that having a sufficient amount of Zinc won’t lead to COVID.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology has also undertaken thorough research in this matter. Leo Anthony, the Principal research scientist of the institute, said that there are countless examples where fixing some nutritional deficiency doesn’t cure the disease.

So, all that can be said is that there’s no single micronutrient which can help in fighting out the deadly virus individually. You need a balanced nutritional diet to enhance your immunity and minimize the risk of getting infected.

So what should you do?

The best way forward would be consulting doctors nearby and having your blood tested. As for a decisive answer – you should maintain adequate Zinc in your blood to enhance your immunity, but you shouldn’t rely on it entirely.

blood test

Paul Castain | The best strategy would be to not rely entirely on only Zinc, but to have a balanced diet with all the important nutrients for immunity enhancement

Zinc intake and supplements can increase your chances of dodging the Coronavirus, but it’s not a sure shot solution. Wearing a mask and avoiding gatherings still is the best way to be safe and avoid the virus infection.

Wrapping it up

We know that the research is uncertain, but so is the current pandemic situation. There are several factors that affect immunity. A balanced diet is one of the most trusted factors to boost resistance to infections. You should definitely include Zinc in your diet, but restricting yourself to this element only won’t be enough. You have to maintain social distancing and cleanliness too.