There is an ongoing tussle between women and men over which gender has had to endure the more miserable role on Earth. This seems like a grim competition; however, studies into these issues reveal important aspects of the modern construct of life.

A national health survey was carried out in Spain to deduce the frequency of chronic back and neck pain in women and men. The study also analyzed the instances of migraine in both genders. Observers also noted the response to pain by both genders and the sociodemographic implication behind the results.

The questionnaire was patterned along these lines:

  • Have they experienced any of the 32 symptoms stated (followed by a list of 32 identifying symptoms of these three chronic conditions understudy)?
  • Have they suffered any of these ailments in the past whole year?
  • Were they given a medical diagnosis for their suffering?

The third question ensured that the response was not exaggerated, and resultingly, the finding was not compromised by the participants.

Women and more Migraine

The Revelation

Statistics collected by the team revealed that women showed a higher susceptibility to all three conditions. The symptoms and the causes of these pains were synonymous in both genders. Both men and women hinted at anxiety and depression and poor self-care behind these inflictions.

The Difference in the Findings for Both Genders

Men who revealed a tendency of alcohol consumption reported higher instances of migraine and back pain.

 tendency of alcohol consumption

For women, migraine and back pain were interlinked, and those who were victimized by back pain also reported a case of migraine headache. The study also discovered that specifically, the women who had cardiac-related problems were more prone to all three conditions: migraine, back pain, and neck pain. This correlation was not discovered in men.

Women also showed a severe case of these three conditions as compared to men, where their suffering extended for a longer duration and had a higher intensity.

However, there was one exception to the severity of pain for women, where either the women were suffering from cancer or had all three conditions present at the same time. This was because then the patient would be relying on more pain-numbing medications to decrease the suffering and make it bearable.

 Women are more susceptible to back pains

However, it is crucial to remember that this study only had samples from Spain and the result has not been resounded elsewhere in the world to prove it as the norm. thus, there is a probability that this sample of women suffering more from back pain, migraine, and neck pain be articular to Spain only.