Sun Peaks is known as the second-largest skiing destination in Canada. It is approximately 5½ hours away from Seattle if you’ll be traveling by car. The ski area encompasses three mountains and covers about 4,270 acres of land.

The mountains are so massive that even the natives living around them sometimes find new turns and are often exposed to sites they’ve never seen before. We’re talking about people who have lived there their whole lives, making them experts at skiing!

Sun Peaks In Canada

If you’re planning on spending some time at Sun Peaks, it’s worth mentioning here that the resorts there are more low-key than others because their lift lines are minimalistic. By that, we mean their lifts move at a slightly slower pace. Also, you might not feel the need to use your car all the time.

All that might sound charming, but the real deal of this place is its pristine views that you can admire with very few people obstructing them. If you have the time, you should spend at least three days at Sun Peaks to discover more of the area and experience the real beauty of nature.

The Bolacco Café

In the morning, start your day together with natives inside the cozy Bolacco Café. The place also has skis, numerous books, and contains trinkets from all around the world.

The café is admired for its quick breakfast foods, berry scones, and homemade treats. They also have the best coffee served in the cutest coffee mugs you’ll ever see.

Discover every mountain

Although one can see every peak while skiing from one mountain to another, the sun hits Mt. Morrisey at around 12 o’clock, so it is suggested that you spend your evening there. Don’t get scared while skiing towards the peaks, though.

The topside of each peak offers a beginner slope and provides the opportunity for taking breathtaking photos. If you are an advanced skier, it is a must that you visit Gil’s area, which is an in-bound hike to the zone, which is famous for its powdery passage.

Discover every mountain

Visit Alpine Images Photography

Alpine Images Photography is owned by a native Sun Peaks photographer who displays the masterpieces captured by local artists.

We suggest that you stroll into the shop and buy something worthy of your taste if you have the extra budget. Not only will you be exposed to the art of photography, but you will also find panoramic shots of beautiful landscapes.

Order something from Sunburst Eatery

After you get tired of spending hours in skiing, head on over to the Sunburst Bar + Eatery, and give yourself a treat in the form of freshly baked pastries. For many decades, the cinnamon buns at this particular place have brought delight to many!