A common phenomenon you may have experienced during scorching summers is opening the door of your car parked under the sun only to be greeted by a massive cloud of heat.

This happens due to the greenhouse effect; your car becomes hotter than the outside temperature because the sunlight directly passes through the glass windows.

Care Tips

Pixabay | Heated up car interiors are common during scorching summers

But there are ways through which you can easily avoid this. The tips mentioned below can assist you to keep your car’s interiors fresh despite the high temperatures.

Look for the perfect parking slot

In summers, it’s quite necessary to keep your car under covered parking or a carport. This is also ideal for safeguarding your vehicle’s paint from harmful UV rays that cause fading. Even a shaded spot under a tree can work wonders to keep your car fresh.

Keep the windows slightly open

If you don’t manage to get a shaded parking lot, you might keep the windows of your car slightly open, say about 4-5 centimeters. Science works here. The hot air rises inside the car and escapes from the small vents, keeping it a little cooler inside.

Use sunshades and window visors

An alternate method to lower the heat level inside the car is to make use of awnings. Window visors/sunshades are readily available at any car accessory shop. With such sunshades, even if you don’t get a shaded parking place for the car, you can prevent your vehicle from becoming subject to the greenhouse effect.

Using sunshades and window visors

Pixabay | Using accessories like sunshades, dashboard covers, and steering wheel covers might help

A dashboard cover might help

If you prevent the dashboard from heating up, it might avoid the overall interior temperature from rising. A dashboard cover can come handy here. It can even protect the dashboard’s plastic from losing its texture and color due to high heat.

Steering wheel cover

Investing in a windshield shade is a good idea as it keeps your steering wheel out of the sun. And the easiest of all is to cover the steering wheel with a thick cloth or a towel. Additionally, you may turn the steering wheel 180 degrees as well.

Quick solution to cool it down

If you don’t find a non-sunny parking spot, you might have to open all the car doors together. This method quickly lowers down the inside temperature by letting the hot air escape in an instant. The next immediate action is to roll down the windows and turn on the air conditioner. This action forces the hot air out and gets the cold air circulating. Even solar fans can be helpful.

 cool the car down

Pixabay | If nothing else works, open all doors together and switch on the car AC

Wrap up

As the summer approaches, everyone gets upset because their cars become ovens in the hot sunny parking places. But with these tips, you may find it easy to manage the heat and keep your car fresh.