With the way Coronavirus has hit all industries, probably everyone thought that pretty soon, the automobile sector would be doomed. But thankfully, the situation seems to be quite the opposite of that. The creative and passionate minds in this sector are determined to turn the tables in their favor.

Speaking of automobiles, won’t you like to know some juicy news about cars? Well then, how about the car driven by Sean Connery while portraying James bond! Yes, we’re talking about the Aston Martin DB5. Soon enough, the legendary car’s remake is hitting the markets for 3.5 million dollars!

James Bond

Piston | James Bond fans may soon get to see the remake of his Aston Martin DB5 in the market

Join us as we unveil more details.

Highlights of the upcoming Aston Martin DB5

The remake is going to be a copy of the original Bond-spec DB5. But of course, the super-cool detective-level features portrayed in the movie that made it a dream car for many won’t be there. If you watched Goldfinger, you’d know that Bond’s car sported bullet-proof screens, smoke-screens, oil ejection systems to block following vehicles, machine guns behind the turn signals in the front, and rotating license plates.

Well, needless to say, if a real-world car actually did have all those features, every one of us would want to be Bond, and there would be some serious mayhem on the roads!

Aston Martin DB5

Motor Authority | Though it will match the original in mechanical specs, features like machine guns and oil spewing jets won’t be present in the remake

To mechanically replicate the original model, though, Oscar-winning special-effects supervisor, Chris Corbould, has been roped in. The man has worked with the Bond series’ movies since the 80s, and his touch will ensure the remake is as close to the original model (of course, minus the dangerous weaponry).

In terms of power, the new version will have a 4.0-liter inline-six engine pumping out 280 HP. Back in the day, these were the specs that led to the DB5 being named one of the fastest cars in the world with a top speed of 148 mph along with a 0-60-mph time of 7.1-seconds. The cars are being produced under the supervision of Eon Productions. The company owns the Bond franchise along with MGM Studios.

So can people actually drive the remake of the Bond-mobile?

Short answer – no, at least not yet!

And the reason is that these cars aren’t road legal. They’re “copies” of a 1965-spec car, which means that there’s no way that they’re going to stand a chance of clearing any emissions or safety tests that exist today. But even having said that, one thing can be said for sure. Resourceful buyers will somehow make it possible to drive the car on public highways.

remake of the Bond-mobile

Elite Automotive Repairs | Even if they’re in demand, the cars won’t be legal since they won’t pass the safety and emission tests that exist today

When is it expected to arrive?

The remake car isn’t being produced in masses. The first delivery of the replica is going to be in 2020, and it will only be made for 25 customers, in addition to one being handed over to Elon productions, one to Aston Martin, and one for a charity auction. Guess us vintage-car fans will just have to wait until we can park one of these beauties in our garages!