For most of us, our tummies growl at the smell of the cheesy, oily food from the streets, don’t they? And more often than not, we succumb to our taste buds despite knowing the damage it will cause to our health.

Trust us when we say this – the ill-effects of junk food are much more than you can imagine. And while we’re on the topic, we’ll also tell you that, the probability of a person high on junk food getting high cholesterol is huge.

Reform The Breakfast

Trustworthy Fitness | Junk food can give you high cholesterol which is very dangerous for the body

But are you a foodie and hate giving up on your tickling tongue? Well, don’t get disheartened. We’ve brought for you a few breakfast dishes that can satisfy your cravings while helping you manage cholesterol like a pro!

So why are we waiting then? Let’s get started.

Steamed Fish

Adding fish to your diet can be a good option to start with. It’s high on Omega 3 which is an essential dietary fat to maintain cholesterol levels. It’s also necessary for proper brain and heart functioning. Though it’s vital to the human body, it isn’t produced naturally within us. That’s why we need to consume it through food and external supplements.

Bean Club Sandwich

If you’re seriously interested in combating cholesterol, the most delicious option out there is a bean club sandwich. Your mouth is already watering, right? We know ours is! And you can make this sandwich even more yummilicous by adding black eye beans or kidney beans. But don’t go overboard with what you add to it. For instance, you must skip bacon to keep your fat intake in check.

Bean Club Sandwich

Today | Switching to healthier recipes like Steamed Fish and Baked Bean Sandwiches can be a good start


Nothing’s better than the powerhouse combination of dry fruits, flax seeds, and chia seeds for breakfast. It makes your heart healthy and young. It’s true. You must consume nuts, almonds, and other dry fruits as a healthy meal option.

But you can add your own little twist to make this dish a little dramatic. Why not throw in a few drops of lemon to your morning Muesli? The vitamin C in the lemon will further boost your efforts.

Avocado Toast

The combo of mashed avocado and toasted bread is the trendiest choice to lower down your cholesterol level. A study conducted in 2015 published in the American Heart Association Journal states that one Avocado per day can lower your cholesterol significantly. So, why not try out some creamy dishes with this superfood?


Never ever ignore the simplicity of oatmeal. This high-fiber food, if taken as breakfast, keeps you full while efficiently managing the internal affairs of your body. So, to get an energy boost early in the morning, don’t think twice before whipping up some oatmeal.


MyTown’s Blog | Oatmeal, Avocado Toast, and Muesli are other great breakfast options that are low on cholesterol

So all we’re saying is…

Controlling cholesterol isn’t that difficult. You need to stop chasing mouth-watering junk and switch over to a healthy diet. A healthy heart over relishing junk is far better. Don’t you agree?