Coronavirus has had a whole year to run rampant and increase the death toll worldwide. However, the turn of the year came with optimistic news of the discovery of a vaccine for the novel virus that would hopefully curb its spread.

The vaccine has started to be administered in many countries, starting from the top tier of society and healthcare workers. Last week, Queen Margarethe II of Denmark got vaccinated for the novel virus. She emerged as the first European monarch to get vaccinated.

Queen Margarethe II of Denmark got vaccinated

Vanity Fair |The Danish monarch turned 80 last year

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip Get Vaccinated

The sovereign of Denmark was followed by the sovereign of the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth. The long-ruling monarch, now turned 94, received the first dose of the vaccine alongside her husband, Prince Phillip, who has entered the 100th year of his life.

Both husband and wife were considered at high risk from the contagious virus and were consequently confined to Windsor Castle to practice social isolation. The couple abstained from all public events the prior year. They enjoyed a toned down Trooping the Color Celebration from within the doors of the Windsor Castle.

Likewise, the knighting of Sir Tom Moore was a small-scale affair. The Christmas Celebrations were all scaled down where Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillips celebrated alone at Windsor Castle rather than at Sandringham House with the entire royal family in attendance.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip Get Vaccinated

Oprah Mag | The royal couple has never been able to spend so much time together

An in-house doctor administered the vaccination at Windsor Castle. Despite receiving the dosage, the couple would lean on the side of precaution.

The Queen has already turned down participation in her three famous garden parties for the year 2021. The parties traditionally take place every May at Buckingham Palace. Another garden party follows later in the year, organized at Holyroodhouse in Scotland.

The Third Lockdown

This vaccine came at a critical stage in England as the country plunged into tier 4 of lockdown restriction.

Masses have been ordered to stay in their homes, in strict isolation, and to abstain from going out unless necessary. They have been advised to work from home and just wander out for the monthly grocery errand, medical purposes, and exercise.

Prince Charles and Prince William

Vanity Fair |Both father and son fought against COVID last year

The royal family, falling in line with the public, is adhering to all these principles, especially since the Queen’s son, Prince Charles, and grandson, Prince William, tested positive for the disease early in 2020 first wave of virulent disease spread.