Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas tied the knot on December 1st, 2018. The couple, still exhibiting love and marital bliss, celebrated their two-year anniversary with proclamations of love through the internet sharing glimpses of their life together.

Anniversary of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas

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Priyanka Chopra (38) and Nick Jonas (28) have kept the world abuzz with their fairytale love story. The starstruck couple belongs to two different nationalities, move in two different industries, yet were brought together by deep love.

Priyanka Chopra is a popular Bollywood Actress, whereas Nick Jonas is a Hollywood musician. Their engagement lasted a brief 3 months, after which they both united in a marital bond held in the Western tradition on 1st December 2018, in Priyanka Chopra’s home country, India.

The next day, the couple performed the vows again in the traditional Indian style. According to Chopra, her Indian customs and traditions are a cardinal part of her identity and she wanted to honor those when she got married. The way the couple embraced their diversity is a testament to their love and it is still going strong as their second anniversary passed by.

New Year Wishes!

The couple took to Twitter to share greetings for the new year. They both took turns in posing with gold 2021 glasses. Both expressed optimism for the new year after a dreadful 2020. Their thought resonates with everyone from every corner of the world, victimized by the coronavirus.

Nickjonas New Year Wishes

Celebrating 2 Years of Togetherness and Surviving Lockdown

The couple took to the internet to declare their love for each other through Twitter for audiences worldwide. Priyanka Chopra shared a shot of the couple taking a casual stroll through the streets of London.

She called her husband her weakness and her strength and in reciprocation, Nick Jonas shared two poignant pictures of their wedding ceremony. He demonstrates pride at having Chopra as his wife, dubbing her the most “wonderful, inspiring and beautiful wife.”

The couple spent the quarantine period locked in the house with their three dogs Gino, Diana, and Panda. Jonas told People about how the three dogs helped them survive lockdown.

The couple parented them with utmost love and adoration with Jonas being the spoiling parent and Priyanka being the stern mother who offers the right mix of leniency and strictness. The couple believes that the dogs are helping them train to be good parents.