The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, has been a fashion icon of her own, always donning dresses that symbolize extreme grace and delicacy. What makes it all the better are the flashbacks we get of her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, through her wardrobe choices.

The late Princess, held in high regard for her gentility and kindness, has been honored multiple times through the wardrobe selection of Princess Kate.

Princess Diana

Kate Middleton Style |Kate borrowed Diana’s outfit choice after the birth of Prince William

The latest in this instance has been the cream-colored blouse that Kate wore on Monday, November 9th, while talking to the families of the Armed Forces through a Zoom meeting to mark Remembrance Day. This dress from the label, Ghost, had a scalloped black collar with red flower adornment.

The outfit was highly reminiscent of the Late Princess Diana because she was a huge fan of statement collars. Diana loved pieces with bold collars in contrasting colors, often appearing in public with the neat pie crust ruffles, zig-zag prairie styled collars, or the uptight Peter Pan neck.

Kate speaking in the Zoom meeting

The Change For Kate

Though Kate has often imitated her deceased mother-in-law’s style, this outfit of hers was especially striking. The royal has, for long, stuck to the small and chic Peter Pan collar style but, this was a drastic turn from that look.

The latest edition of the big scalloped collared blouse to her wardrobe portrayed her as bold and confident. These collar style from the 1980s have made a comeback in designer collections like Miu Miu, Prada, and Ganni.

Other Style Adaptations From Diana

Earlier, too, Kate has been seen in varied renditions of Diana’s outfit preferences. In 2013, upon her departure from the hospital after the birth of Prince George, Kate wore a blue polka dot dress. The knee-length dress made a striking resemblance to the green polka dot dress worn by Princess Diana on a similar occasion in 1982 when she gave birth to Prince William.

The resemblance does not end here. Kate wore a red dress with an oversized white collar to commemorate the birth of Prince Louis in 2018. This dress by Jenny Packham had strong vibes of the red outfit worn by Princess Diana back in 1984 when she introduced Prince Harry to the public.

 Style Adaptations From Diana

Marie Claire | Diana sporting her dress, which became the inspiration for Kate’s dress

Princess Diana is a fashion icon who withstood the waves of time in her relaying of grace and sophistication. Kate has rightly taken a few pages from her book.