Whether or not you follow royal news from around the world, there’s one thing for sure; life as a royal is full of glamor and secrets. At least that’s what it looks like from the news bites that circulate now and then!

Well, this time around, it’s not the Queen or the Princes or the Duchesses we’re going to talk about. Instead, we’re going to look at some of the unknown facts about Princess Anne Elizabeth of Windsor, the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II.

Princess Anne

Entertainment Tonight | Princess Anne Elizabeth is quite an intriguing royal house figure

Getting to know Princess Anne Elizabeth

Born on the 15th of August, 1950, Princess Anne is an intriguing royal house figure. Her dry sense of humor and her deep love for horses are a few things that set her apart from the others in the family.

Quite recently, the Princess celebrated her 70th birthday, but it was a low-key affair thanks to Coronavirus restrictions.

Though she’s royal and is assumed to be in the public eye, most people don’t know the following about her:

She has the most viewed royal wedding of all time

Princess Anne got married to Captain Mark Phillips on the 14th of November, 1973. Coincidentally, the date also marked the 25th birthday of Prince Charles of Wales. The fairy-tale-like wedding took place in Westminster Abbey, and the service was televised to over 500 million excited viewers.

The high profile guests at the wedding included the Queen, members from the British Royal Family, the Crown Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia, the Prince and Princess of Spain, the Prince and Princess of Monaco, and many other valued guests.

royal wedding

The Adventurine | What many don’t know is that her wedding was the most viewed royal wedding of all time

She is the first royal Olympian

It’s a well-known fact that Queen Elizabeth II was the first female member of the royal family to become an active duty member of the British armed forces.

But her only daughter took a different turn since no war has happened in her lifetime, thank God for that! When the Princess was young, she was known for her interest in Equestrianism. Not many know that she’s a recipient of a 1971 gold medal and two silver medals in 1975 at European Eventing Championships.

She’s the first royal member to participate in the Olympics. She competed in the 1976 Olympics at Montreal, where she rode Goodwill, the Queen’s horse. She’s currently the British Olympics Association president and a member of the International Olympic Committee.

Her history with Nobel Prize

Due to her humanitarian work, particularly the one she did on the “Save the Children” fund, Princess Anne was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by President Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia in 1990. The “Save the Children” fund is a world-leading independent children’s organization. Princess Anne became its patron in 2016.

Princess Anne Elizabeth

StyleCaster | She loves horses, has a dry sense of humor, and has been nominated for the Nobel Prize!

To wrap it up

Princess Anne is known for her undivided support towards the royal family. She’s widely admired by many for her no-nonsense attitude as this aids her hardworking spirit. She’s been an excellent role model for women throughout the world.