Heir to the British throne, and eldest son to Queen Elizabeth II, recently celebrated his sustainable fashion initiative, the Campaign For Wool‘s 10th official anniversary. To honor the accomplishment, the Prince conceived a stylish scarf to express the environmental benefits of wool.

Prince Charles Reveals Stylish Scarf

The Campaign for Wool |The Prince perusing the scarf

Importance of Wool, As Per the Prince

At the celebratory ceremony, Prince Charles highlighted that it is important to remind people how incredibly valuable and sustainable wool is, both as a natural material and a fiber. The Prince’s strongest belief that not even the most gifted scientist or engineer in the world can create a product as amazing as wool.

To justify his stance, the Prince spoke on the biodegradable and sustainable properties of wool. Building from this, he added that wool allows us to reassess our values and our purchases. With the current environmental conditions, he claims, it is vital to put nature at the heart of how we operate and advance the global economic model.

About the Campaign For Wool

To educate consumers about the benefits of wool, promote the use of wood-based products, and to spark nation-wide growth of the wool industry, the Campaign For Wool was officially established in 2010 by his royal highness, the Prince of Wales.

With the Prince as its patron, the organization is run by a coalition of industry groups. As a whole, CFW aims to attract and engage potential consumers through exciting design-based activities, interiors, fashion, and art during the annual Wool Week.

the Campaign For Wool

Instagram, Clarence House |The Prince with the CFW team

What Do We Know About the Scarf? 

For starters, the masterpiece was designed by the creative director at Mother of Pearl, Amy Powney. The manufacturing, however, was entrusted to the Johnstons of Elgin. If you own one of these high-end luxury scarfs, you ought to know that its wool comes from 4 countries, including the U.K., New Zealand, South Africa, and Australia. The item comes in three different classic yet fun color patterns.

The wool scarf

The Campaign for Wool |The wool scarf created by the Prince

More Sustainable Fashion by the Prince?

Only last month, we saw the launch of another collection backed by the Prince, which featured 8 men’s items and 10 women’s items. As pricey as they were, the collection was quick to sell out.

The project was a collaboration between Yoox Net-a-Porter and The Prince’s Foundation. Students from the prestigious Italian design school, Politecnico di Milano, conceptualized the pieces, which were then brought to manufacturing reality by Dumfries House graduates.

Wrapping It Up 

From what we’ve gathered so far, it seems like the Prince is highly concerned about the environment and is seeking to promote sustainability, especially in fashion, piece after piece. With so much already under his belt, we’re excited to see what new creations he has to offer.