Gym instructors often advise people to take supplements for muscle gain. While supplements are sources of proteins and vitamins, they can only be considered as foreign foods. They may benefit you temporarily, but the real benefit to the body comes from natural foods that build you up from the inside.

If you eat healthy food like fruits, vegetables, eggs, meat, etc., it nourishes you internally. It helps build your immunity, and also allows you to gain the right amount of muscle power. And if you know which food to eat for a specific benefit, you can mold your body just the way you want it.

On that note, let’s try to find out about one high protein macronutrient that can increase muscle mass.

The Magic Food That Is Potato

Potato Protein

Unsplash | Potato is a powerhouse of proteins

Potatoes have historically been linked only with starch. But in recent times, they are being listed among the most consumed foods after wheat, rice, and maize. Dietary trends are changing, and people prefer plant-based alternatives over animal-derived products. Hence, vegetables like potatoes can serve to be great alternatives to animal-based food.

Potatoes are a versatile, plant-driven source of starch and protein. They are gluten-free and are brim-full of nutritional benefits like Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, fiber, magnesium, and potassium. Although the dominating content in potatoes is starch, if just the protein is extracted from them, it will be enough to aid muscle mass.

Researchers believe that potato proteins are extremely rich. Hence, consuming them may increase the rate of protein production in muscles, giving them intense strength. Potatoes may also help us to feel satiated for a long time after meals. Therefore, contrary to popular belief, they aid in weight loss as well.

Ways to Eat the Tiny Bombs

Potatoes rule several cuisines, including ‘Continental’ due to their ability to team up with other vegetables and meat products.

Their pulpy texture and neutral taste allow chefs to play around these tiny bombs of starch and protein to create their unique culinary masterpieces. On top of that, potatoes are universally loved by all. Hence, you can serve several delectable potato dishes in endless ways.

cooked Potatoes

Unsplash | Potatoes can be cooked in diverse ways

A Quick Comparison between Animal-based & Plant-based Protein Sources

While we’re still on the subject, let’s quickly examine the differences between animal and plant-based proteins.

  • Animal-based protein sources need more land and resources to cultivate and maintain a regular supply. On the other hand, plant-based protein sources can be produced in large quantities and serve a more significant number of people.
  • Protein from animal-driven sources has more amino acids than plant-driven protein sources.
  • Also, let’s not forget the health and environmental benefits of diets based on plants as compared to the former.
 benefits of potato

Unsplash | Plant-based proteins like potato have several benefits

To sum up

The global food production system needs to be supervised closely due to the paradigm shift from animal-based to plant-based proteins. Labeling potatoes as the role model to fulfill the need for protein in human health is exemplary. Keep cooking and keep eating potatoes!