The world is going through some of the toughest times it has ever seen. The infectious Coronavirus has given birth to a pandemic situation. Health, businesses, economies, environment, and social life are all severely disrupted. Amid such a grim atmosphere, happy events like weddings have also taken a hit.

 Wedding during COVID-19

Unsplash | Several weddings have been canceled due to Coronavirus

Weddings are considered to be the most dreamlike moments of one’s life, which deserve to be celebrated with zeal and delight.

But, due to the prevalent condition of the world, it has become challenging to perform ceremonies in their traditional way. Several people have had to postpone their weddings by quite a margin.

What Medical Experts Say

Experts in infectious diseases recommend that nothing is safe when it comes to COVID-19. The risk of a spread is too high. Weddings are occasions where people cannot follow protocol, and social distancing becomes questionable.

It’s unlikely for people to restrain themselves from meeting each other. Moreover, maintaining a distance of at least six feet apart for the bride, groom, and the family members sounds next to impossible.

That’s why doctors and specialists advise not to hold any such social gatherings or festivities until the pandemic comes to a decline. If at all a wedding is organized, authorities have placed restrictions on the total number of attendees, including the bride and the groom, to be 10 to 50, depending on the city.

wedding during covid-19

Unsplash | Abiding by social distancing protocols seems impossible at weddings

Preventive Measures You Can Take

Despite warnings issued against it, some don’t wish to let a pandemic affect their decision to celebrate the big step into spending their lives together. Occasional weddings are still happening, only with a bit of a change in the way things are conducted.

If someone in your social circle is getting married amidst COVID-19 and you’re planning to attend the event, following a few protocols can ensure you keep yourself and those around you safe against Coronavirus.

Restricted usage of bathroom

Avoid crowded public restrooms. That the kind of place where the virus can spread as fast as possible.

Avoid jamming any queue

It is recommended to stay away from any queue for food or drinks. You must take care to maintain social distance.

Cluster with your immediate family

Even if there are fewer attendees at any reception, make sure you surround yourself with only your immediate family members. This is meant to safeguard them as well as yourself.

Dance floor distancing

You have to make sure that even when you hit the dance floor, you are not dancing with anyone else, but only your partner or immediate family member.

Dance floor distancing

Unsplash | Keeping a few things in mind can allow weddings to take place without the risk of infection spread

To Give a Few Final Words

The disruption is global. The whole world is struggling to overcome the pandemic. So it is our responsibility to curb the transmission of disease.

With a few preventive measures like physical distance from others, mask-wearing, and frequent hand washing, we can safeguard ourselves from the ailment.