In case you weren’t aware, your diet affects you not only physically, but also emotionally- a fact that has been proven by the various studies carried out by dietitians and nutritionists. The most recent study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health in 2020 identifies the connection between psychiatry and nutrition.

To ease the symptoms of depression and anxiety disorders, there are certain eatables that you should introduce luxuriously into your daily diet plan. It would be advisable that these foods are substituted with those that trigger mental illnesses.

mental health

Unsplash | Your mental health may be deteriorating due to your diet

Nature is the best remedy

Dietitians emphasize on the countless benefits of intaking natural foods supplied directly by Mother Nature. These include fruits, vegetables, pulses, and meat. Research states that people living mainly on natural food and freshwater live a much healthier life and are less likely to suffer from mental illnesses.

Diets which are rich in nutrients and minerals increase the immunity power of the human body and gives energy to work throughout the day actively and to enjoy your day without frequent mood swings.

Food that triggers mental sickness

In today’s world, it’s very common to see every other person suffering from mild to severe depression, the leading cause being the intake of sugary beverages, canned food, processed meat, high-fat dairy, and highly spiced foods.

 processed beverages triggers mental sickness

Unsplash | Avoid processed beverages at all costs

How certain foods help combat depression

In most cases, everyone just talks about the foods that we should avoid or states that the intake of natural foods should be increased. Still, articles rarely mention which foods, in particular, are rich in stress-controlling and anti-flamming minerals.

Below are the items you need to add to your monthly shopping list if you want to live a happier life:

  • Avocado- a source of monounsaturated fats
  • Olive oil- reduces the chances of cholesterol
  • Omega 3s- contains anti-inflammatory fats found in wild salmon
  • Berries- include flavonoids which are considered as antioxidants
  • Citrus fruits- contains antioxidants
  • Coffee- caffeine helps lover depression level
  • Dark Chocolate- considered as a remedy to control mood swings

foods that elevate you mood

These particular food items elevate your mood and save a much-dreaded trip to the psychiatrist.

Healthy Nutrition= Positive outcome

Food and emotions are directly connected to one another. Even if you’re not fond of eating healthy or find it difficult to abstain from processed and inflammatory foods, try to introduce a small proportion of fruit or vegetable salad in your daily meals.

Keep increasing them gradually, substitute the unhealthy fizzy drinks with fresh juice. You will soon see the positive association of food towards your mood and will help to lighten the stress. Insomnia is a source of depression and anxiety that numbs your mental ability if not treated for a long duration. Research shows that a healthy diet and eating patterns can even treat diseases such as insomnia which cannot be coped with through the medicines.

Considering all the negative and positive impacts of food on mental health, psychiatrists are now introducing ways of treating psychological disorders by recommending nutritious foods and supplements alongside therapy. These do not only elevate the mood temporarily but also bring positivity in the human brain, controls cholesterol, stabilizes blood pressure, maintains sugar levels, and aids in weight loss, thereby, speeding up the recovery of a depressed soul.