On the following Article there are 10 natural ingredients and a list of oils that when used together will target the causes of your hair damage. Feel free to experiment and mix and blend as this is the only way you will find the right formula for your hair. The great part about this is that all ingredients are easily obtained,chemical free and not likely to cause any further damage to your hair or scalp.

Hair Assessment

  • Hair Color
  • Hair Type
  • Hair Strands
  • Hair Condition
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Oil Treatment

Nature’s Food For Hair

Aloe Vera

what Is It? Aloe Vera Is A Plant With Thick Leaves That Once Cut Open Has A Gel Like Substance. The Gel Is Clear In Colour. What Properties Does It Have? Aloe Vera Has 75 Active Constituents. Vitamins Include A, C,e And B12. What Will It Treat? Dry Scalp/ Oily Scalp And Also Promotes Healthy Cell Growth And Shiny Hair: How To Use It: Acquire The Leaves,cut And Remove The Skin And Scoop The Gel Substance Out And Blend.


What Is It? Avocado Is A Fruit That Contains A Large Seed. What Properties Does It Have? Avocado Is Rich In Omega-3 Fatty Acids And Amino Acids. It Has Vitamin A,b2,d And E And Has Minerals Like Copper And Iron In It. What Will It Treat? Dry/damaged Hair How To Use It: Peel And Mash The Avocado And Use As A Hair Mask. As It Will Help To Condition And Repair The Hair Shaft Over Time.


what Is It? Bananas Are A Curvy Yellow Fruit What Properties Does It Have? Bananas Are Rich In Potassium And Natural Oils. Vitamins Include B6, And C. What Will It Treat? Dry Scalp/ Split Ends And Provides Hydration To Hair How To Use It: Unpeel The Banana, Mash With A Fork,and Use As A Hair Mask.

Brown Sugar

What Is It? Brown Sugar Is A Soft Sugar Product With Molasses. What Properties Does It Have? Minerals Such As Calcium, Potassium, Iron And Magnesium.used As An Exfoliant On Your Scalp It Will Boost The Blood Circulation And Promote Hair Growth What Will It Treat? Dry Scalp/ Itchy Scalp How To Use It: Can Be Used With Your Shampoo To Cleanse The Scalp Or Added To Honey As A Mask.


what Is It? Carrots Are A Orange Root Vegetable That Are Grown In The Ground. What Properties Does It Have? Carrots Have Fiber, Potassium And Vitamins A, K, C, B6, B1, B3, And B2 What Will It Treat? Dry Hair, Also Improves Blood Circulation To Your Scalp,promotes Hair Growth. How To Use It: Chop And Grate/blend The Carrots And Add Olive Oil. Mix And Apply To Hair.


What Is It? Eggs Are Laid By Hens (Female Chickens.) What Properties Does It Have? Eggs Have Omega 3, Protein And Biotin.egg Yolks Contain Sulfur. What Will It Treat? Dry Hair-egg Yolk Oily Scalp-egg Whites How To Use It: Break The Egg And Seperate The Yolk, Can Be Used Alone Or Mix Yolk With Banana, Honey, Olive Oil Or Coconut Oil.


What Is It? Cucumbers Are A Vegetable With 95% Water. What Properties Does It Have? Cucumbers Have Vitamin C,k And Silica. What Will It Treat? Dry Hair / Oily Scalp And Promote Hair Growth. How To Use It; Blend Cucumber, Egg And Olive Oil. Use As A Hair Mask.


What Is It? Honey Is A Sweet Substance Made By Bees. What Properties Does It Have? Honey Has A Natural Emoillent. What Will It Treat? Dry Hair, Reduces Frizz How To Use It: Mix Honey With Avocado, Egg And Olive Oil.

Apple Cider Vinegar

What Is It? Apple Cider Vinegar Is Made From Fermented Apples. What Properties Does It Have? Apple Cider Vinegar Has Alphahydroxy Acid And Vitamin C And B. What Will It Treat? Dry Frizzy Hair/ Dry Scalp/product Build-up. How To Use It: Mix 1/2 To 4 Tablespoons Of Apple Cider Vinegar With 8 Ounces Of Water In A Spray Bottle. Apply For 10 Mins Before Shampooing.

Rice Water

What Is It? Rice Water Is The Starchy Water Used From Soaking Rice. What Properties Does It Have? Rice Water Has Carbohydrates, Amino Acids,minerals And Vitamins B And E. What Will It Treat? Dry Hair And Promotes Growth. How To Use It:allow Rice To Sit In Water For 15 Mins, Strain And Add To Spray Bottle With Lavender Or Rosemary Oil.

Natural Oils

  • Almond Oil
  • Soothes And Moisturizes The Scalp.
  • Cedarwood Oil
  • Stimulates The Scalp And Promotes Hair Growth.
  • Chamomile Oil Adds Shine And Softness To Hair, And Soothes The Scalp.
  • Coconut Oil Softens Hair And Increases Shine.
  • Geranium Oil Strengthens Hair.
    Jojoba Oil Moisturizes The Hair, Adds Nutrients, And Stimulates The Scalp.
  • Lavender Oil Deep Conditions The Hair, Keeps It Shiny, And Helps Control Dandruff.
  • Moroccan Argan Oil Moisturizes, Nourishes, And Provides Antioxidants To Hair.
  • Rosemary Oil Stimulates The Roots, Improves Hair Growth, And Increases Circulation In The Scalp.
  • Sandalwood Oil Helps with dry ends, and adds fragrance to hair.
  • Castor oil Eases Dandruff and enhances the health of the hair follicles.

Top 3 Hair Treatments

I Have Compiled My Top 3 Treatments That I Use For My 4c Hair.


Avocado &castor Oil
Once A Week.
To Give My Hair Shine And Strengthen The Hair Shaft.
Peel Avocado And Mash. Mix With Castor Oil.
Apply To Hair And Comb Through. Leave On Hair For 30 Mins. Rinse And Style.


Apple Cider Vinegar.
Every 2 Weeks.to Get Rid Of Any Product Build Up. Put (Acv)
Into A Spray Bottle.
Saturate Hair.
Comb Through.
Leave On For 10 Mins Before Shampooing.


Brown Sugar & Coconut Oil
Every Month.
To Get Rid Of Dead Hair Cells On My Scalp And Stimulate Hair Growth.
Mix Brown Sugar And Coconut Oil. Spray Hair With Water.
Section Hair Concentrating On The Scalp And Massage.