If someone told us we should include ‘Iodine’ in our food, before making a list of its sources, we’d probably ask him why? We mean, everyone knows how important vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fibers are, but iodine, really?

Well guess what, no matter how insignificant you think iodine is or how skeptical you are of its vitality, you should know that it’s probably one of the most underrated elements that pack an immense bucket of benefits for the human body. And if that has spiked your interest levels, wait till you read to the end of this post. We guarantee you’ll be amazed.

Iodine for health

Unsplash | We bet you don’t know how good Iodine is for your health

Primary Health Benefits of Iodine

It helps during pregnancy

The intake of iodine during pregnancy has been linked to the brain development of the fetus. Reports indicate that children whose mothers have had sufficient iodine during pregnancy are more likely to have higher IQs than those with an iodine deficiency. But that doesn’t mean you should start pumping iodine if you’re pregnant!

Pregnancy is delicate and you need to consult your doctor before you make any changes to your diet. Your doctor will be able to recommend the right iodine supplements for you and your baby. According to another study, iodine improves the birth weight of newborns.

 Iodine helps during pregnancy

Healthline | Research shows that consuming Iodine during pregnancy positively affects the child’s IQ

Reduces the risk of hypo and hyperthyroidism

Iodine is needed for your thyroid gland to be in good shape. The thyroid gland regulates the production of different hormones that are needed by the body, and to do so, it needs iodine at the right levels.

An excess of iodine in the body can lead to hyperthyroidism, and its deficiency can lead to hypothyroidism. Both conditions are bad for your health as they may lead to Goitre, which is an enlargement of the neck caused by the inflammation of the thyroid gland. So in a way, an iodine deficiency or overdose can lead to Goitre. Thin line there, isn’t it?

It helps against fibrocystic breast disease

Fibrocystic breast disease is a non-cancerous condition that gives breasts a lumpy texture. Its causes have been linked to hormone changes during the menstrual cycle. Some reports have shown that iodine can help suppress this condition. That said, you shouldn’t self-medicate or start taking iodine supplements without proper medical advice.

Iodine helps against fibrocystic breast disease

Macmillan Dictionary Blog | Adequate consumption of Iodine can help with hormone imbalances in women

To sum it up

Before you get confused about what you actually need to do, as a first step, see your doctor find out the level of iodine in your blood. He/she will also tell you if you need more iodine or you have enough. Mind you, the element is required in appropriate amounts in the body. If you consume more than what your body needs, you will end up damaging your health.