The boxing world can never forget the Super Fight between Muhammad Ali and Rocky Marciano. It was for a movie released in 1970 at 1,500 movie theaters worldwide only for one night. At the time, both Ali and Marciano were undisputed boxing champions, but both were suffering from different problems. So, when they were offered this opportunity, both agreed, and the movie made more than $35 million globally.

We know you’re confused, so let us lift the curtains.

The reason we took you on that trip down memory lane is that a similar opportunity recently presented in-front of another boxing legend – Mike Tyson.

Mike Tyson’s Return To Boxing

Richmond Free Press | Mike Tyson recently returned to boxing with a match against Roy Jones

With Mike Tyson’s announcement of getting back to the world of boxing, everyone was surprised. But, this surprise turned into a shock when his opponent was chosen as none other than the great Roy Jones, a former four-division world champion with a 66-9 record.

So how did the fight unfold? Well, let’s find out.

Sneak peek into match details

The match took place on Saturday, 28th November 2020, at Staples Center in Los Angeles. Sanctioned by California State Athletic Commission, it had eight rounds of two minutes each.

Though it was supposed to extend over four-hours, thanks to recent changes to game rules, the players had the option of ending the fight with a knockout. Interestingly, both players were using twelve-ounce gloves without protection, and there were no titles at stake.

match details

Fox Sports | Though there were no titles at stake, the match promised the winner a memorial belt

So what was the prize, you ask? Well, the winner was promised a memorial belt as a token of appreciation.

Fair enough, we say! Though we don’t have the exact highlights for you in this post, we know that the match was a draw, with both Tyson and Jones struggled to win the bout. If you want to catch the highlights, you can hop on to Triller, a streaming service backed by Hollywood producer Ryan Kavanaugh.

So was it everything that fans anticipated?

If you’ve followed Mike Tyson, you’d know that the man holds an unbreakable record of 15-0 in his early twenties. However, at one point, he was so down and out that he lost six matches, one after the other, the last being against Kevin McBride. After this last defeat, Mike wasn’t seen in professional boxing for almost fifteen years.

Even after such a long hiatus, Mike was confident about his return and wished to showcase an unforgettable match. And although fans, including Kavanaugh, were expecting the legend’s return to be a game-changer, it turned out that the 54-year-old didn’t have the same spark as earlier. Maybe Mike just needed more time to practice!

 Roy Jones’ last match

Sky Sports | The match ended in a draw, but fans sure got their moments

All in all

Ever since the match’s news came out, fans were excited about seeing Mike back in the ring. Several reports suggested that Tyson was struggling during the training and that only made the fans more impatient.

But as it turned out, the fight was a bit of a bummer with it being ended in a draw. Nonetheless, as a true fan, you shouldn’t miss out on the highlights. We’re sure you’ll find those special “fan” moments.