Looking back at 2018, the world has been pretty beaten up with bad news – from politics to calamities and so many more, we have been so used to seeing bad incidents happening all around us on social media, TV, and even newspapers. The same thing can be said of the sports industry, which has been filled with negative reports and tragedies.

Although the year 2018 is far behind us, it is important to reminisce about the good things that transpired, after all, a new year means a fresh, positive start. Moreover, nothing beats embracing 2019 with a light, stress-free attitude in order to attract good vibes. Without further delay, here are some of last year’s best events that will guarantee a big smile on your face by the time you reach the end of this article.

Tiger Woods Returns to Top of the Golf Chain

One of the highest paid athletes in the world, Tiger Woods struggled hard to get back on the top spot the past few years after he won a tournament in 2013. As much as he was celebrated in the realm of golf, year after year he disappointed fans and his efforts would render just a hair short of snatching the top spot – but last year was different.

Tiger Woods

2018 was Woods’ year since he managed to win the Tour Championship, so it is safe to say that five time’s a charm. His winning moment in East Lake was legendary, to say the least, and the videos of the fans leaping and screaming from joy indicated that they, too, found the moment magical. Supporters, however, seemed to know that the 42-year-old professional golfer was about to bring the trophy home again when they swarmed him just before the ball hit the hole.

Chloe Kim Won Gold Medal 

Snowboarder Chloe Kim won the gold medal for snowboarding halfpipe in the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and easily garnered praises through her impressive performance during the competition. At 17, she became the youngest woman to have ever won an Olympic medal for snowboarding.

David Wright’s Exit

David Wright’s Exit

Okay, so this one is a bit sad but what was admirable about this was how New York Mets’ David Wright had gotten the farewell he deserves. The athlete bid adieu to his 14-year career of playing for the baseball team, but not before he gets a dramatic and tear-jerking sendoff during a final game in Citi Field. The tearful moment had the crowd in standing ovation as the player hugged his teammates and emotionally saluted the audience.

Team USA Women’s Hockey Team Snatched Gold

This year marked the third year of the Winter Olympics, and the women’s hockey team came out victorious in their match against Canada. This did not only mean celebratory cheers were in order, but it also meant history-making as they snatched the first gold medal in 20 years. Of course, this greatly helped in erasing bad memories because of past losses, but it was even more memorable because the winning moment came just months when women stood up for fair pay in several industries.

Andre Ingram’s Wish Came True

Andre Ingram’s Wish

Some kids from a young age already dream of becoming a player for the National Basketball Association, the same can be said for Andre Ingram, who had long seen that as the ultimate dream. However, it was something that doesn’t happen overnight and for him, he had to wait for more than a decade in order for that to materialize.

In 2007, he was undrafted from the American University and went on to be signed with G League. For the next 10 years, Ingram would do his best in what he does as a minor league lifer, until mid this year, when he got a call from Los Angeles Lakers to play in the last two games of the season. Even at 32, playing with the team was a dream come true.

However, that’s not the only thing that is an entrant on this list. Ingram went on to impress the crowd when he scored 19 points, which made him the oldest player to get more than 15 points during a debut since 1963. This was certainly one of the feel-good stories you’ll ever hear.