When it comes to sensitive issues like gender equality, feminism, or voter suppression, seldom do influential people come out in the open and discuss things. And by “come out in the open,” we mean a live interview of sorts, not an Instagram or Twitter post. But something remarkable happened on August 25, 2020, when two rather powerful women came together to pick up not just feminism, but also the upcoming US presidential elections and discussed them over a casual chat!

We’re talking about Meghan Markle and Gloria Steinem who came together to discuss matters like feminism and voter suppression. We think you’d find these bits from their conversation quite interesting. Have a look.

Meghan Markle

Good Housekeeping | Meghan Markle and Gloria Steinem recently came together to talk about various interesting things

The Meghan-Gloria Backyard Chat

In what is known as a historic backyard chat, the two women talked about women empowerment and their involvement in the upcoming November 2020 presidential elections.

It’s no secret that Meghan Markle is a staunch believer of feminism. She’s been at the forefront of encouraging women to vote and honor other women who’ve strived for their freedom. Gloria shares the same beliefs as Meghan about women’s right, their representation, and impacts on elections.

During the chat, Meghan passionately voiced her opinion saying that each vote is a salute of honor to those who stepped forward to protect the current and coming generations. She was beaming when she talked about Kamala Harris’ nomination for vice president.

 Gloria Steinem

CNN | Meghan expressed how impressed she was by Gloria’s work on feminism

Brilliantly, Gloria Steinem talked about the youth perspective of elections. She clamored that young people think they don’t have an impact on the forthcoming election, while the truth is the complete opposite. She pointed out that it’s more important for young people to vote as they will live longer and see the consequences of their actions.

The two women also chatted about how things have changed for feminists. Meghan said that a film about Gloria Steinem’s life has made her realize that it’s mutually exclusive to be feminine and a feminist. Gloria cut in and said that you can be a feminist and still be masculine. To that Meghan confidently answered, “like my husband!”

Meghan then went on to reveal how Harry is also a feminist and a firm supporter or women’s empowerment. Though the introduction of Harry was meant to be a light note in the conversation, it didn’t fail to leave a positive impact on the general vibe in the couple’s home. Meghan further said that she loves the kind of father Harry is to Archie. He’s not shameful while advocating fundamental human rights for everyone, including women.

Harry’s support on feminism

Forbes | During the chat Meghan didn’t forget to mention her husband Harry’s support and views on feminism

Gloria agreed that Harry’s opinions would help Archie to know that it’s normal to be caring. Meghan concluded that the Prince would be happy when he hears about that.