In an occurrence that’s never happened before, ex-royal couple Megan Markle and Prince Harry appeared for the very first time at a primetime TV event. Well, considering the way they’ve shattered most royal traditions, their fans have probably become used to the phrase “for the first time” with this duo!

And perhaps the element of surprise with them is what makes them such an enigmatic couple. TBH, you really can’t expect what they’ll do next!

Megan Markle & Prince Harry on TV

Hello Magazine | In a first for the British royal family, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle appeared on primetime TV

Talking about their TV appearance, it happened during an event which was held to celebrate The Times’ annual list of the most noteworthy people in the world.

It took place on September 22nd on ABC network, and needless to say, it was huge. In addition to Harry & Meghan, there were several prominent names in attendance, including Trevor Noah, Kumail Nanjiani, John Legend, and Sandra Oh.

The event saw performances by a number of stars such as The Weekend, Halsey, and Jennifer Hudson. It was truly a historic show which witnessed the ex-royals make an unbiased political statement, something they could never think of doing if they were still into royalty.

Trevor Noah

Deadline | It happened during an ABC network event which also saw other celebs like Trevor Noah make appearance

How the event went down

With the restrictions imposed by the Corona pandemic, the TIME100 community wasn’t able to gather as it usually does every year. The event was broadcast live across the world on ABC network, where everyone participated online from the safety of their homes. Though it would’ve been much cooler if it had happened in-person, the event didn’t fail to impress and that’s what TIME studios president Ian Orefice had promised in a statement to E! news a little while ago.

Ever since they quit the royal life, there were speculations among people on how they should address Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. But after Harry asked people to call him “just Harry” in a statement he made in Scotland, most queries were put to rest. The couple thus appeared, for the first time, as simply Harry and Meghan and conveyed their experiences to the people.

Megan Markle & Prince Harry on TV

Observer | This was the first time the ex-royal couple made a public appearance as just “Harry & Meghan”

This appearance by them is being seen as the unofficial start to their careers in the media and television in the coming period. There have been reports of their contract with Netflix and Ted to create encouraging and motivating content.