Honey is a gift to humanity offered by millions of hard-working bees. This sweet-tasting thick liquid can be used for various things, including treating cough, dressing salads, making beeswax, and sweetening beverages.

The health benefits honey offers are endless. And that’s just your regular honey! There are actually several kinds of honey out there. Have you come across Manuka honey?

Manuka Honey

recipes.howstuffworks | Maunka Honey is an immunity-boosting variant of regular honey

If this is the first time you’re hearing about it, relax, there are several other people like you. Manuka honey provides some fantastic immunity-boosting properties. Join us as we explore some of the best aspects of this honey.

Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey is primarily manufactured in New Zealand and Australia. The product is so named since the bees that make this honey pollinate the Manuka bush, which is native to these two countries. You may recognize the bush by its more common name, tea tree. Ring a bell?

The most beneficial ingredients in this honey are hydrogen peroxide and methylglyoxal or MG. While the latter is present in regular honey as well, it’s in much lesser amounts. The higher the amount of MG in the honey, the more powerful its antimicrobial properties are.

Manuka Honey

theconversation | More MG in honey means powerful antimicrobial properties

Benefits of Manuka Honey

Research proves that applying Manuka honey on burns or lacerations brings down inflammation. It’s a natural and tested way of battling infections. Here’s a quick look at the primary health benefits it offers:

Treats Cough and Cold

The World Health Organization recommends Manuka honey for treating cold and cough. It’s said to bring down the severity of cough and help fight it better. Doctors recommend mixing one spoon of the honey with warm water and lemon juice and drinking the concoction to feel better quickly.

Enhances energy

Manuka honey is known for its high nutrient density. When you consume it, it acts as an energy booster. If you’re feeling tired, this honey could do wonders to lift you.

Better digestion

Studies have shown that Manuka honey reduces bloating, improves digestion, and works towards achieving better gut health. It can help with digestive issues, deal with inflammation, and treat abdominal discomfort. The pre-biotic content in the honey nurtures the good bacteria in our digestive tracks.

 Manuka honey improves digestion

timesnownews | The pre-biotic content in Manuka honey promotes better digestion

Other Benefits

While there are no established studies, preliminary research suggests that Manuka honey could help with the prevention of acid reflux and even with the treatment of cancer.

To summarize

While Manuka honey is primarily made in Australia and New Zealand, it is commonly available across the globe in stores as well as online. Since it has no side effects, it might be great to add Manuka honey to your daily diet to promote good health and glowing skin.