In a normal corona-free world, the streets of London are the hotspots for taking a good look at some of the rarest and elitist cars. Every other vehicle spotted is of a famous brand and makes its fair share of noise on the street while capturing the attention of bystanders.

Just recently, numerous car-spotting videos have surfaced on the internet, which were all recorded in London, England. Most of the expensive cars seen there are owned by foreigners and come out when these non-natives fly in from their countries and fill the streets with their exotic rides.

These luxury cars are not only mesmerizing but are equally exclusive too. However, due to the ongoing situation, London isn’t what it used to be, as coronavirus has confined everyone in their homes.

London, A Hotspot For Car-spotting

A peak of limited editions

Although the city has been forced to practice social distancing guidelines, people are still allowed to leave their homes to get the necessary chores done or do some exercise once per day. This means that many of the roads, including the highways, have less traffic than usual, and one can clearly spot a gem among other cars because of this situation.

If you walk the streets of London to keep an eye out for some exciting vehicles, you’ll for ruse be able to see some. Frankly, you’d be amazed at how many sweet rides are just parked or roaming around the streets. You can’t miss them since their exhausts are more audible due to the lack of ambient noise that’s usually around.

The rarest cars just seem to find their way to London

The rarest cars in London

If you check Instagram hashtags, residents of London has used #supercar for more than 6 million times. So far, Ferrari has been the most mentioned car, with Lamborghini holding second place. At the same time, Porsche managed to grab the third spot.

It is quite surprising that every other car parked on the street is eating dust and is at the mercy of rain. Some of the vehicles have accumulated so much dust that one can even draw on them.

When authorities spoke about the matter, they said that although it’s nice to go out to do some car-spotting, it is still best to be safe and practice the guidelines implemented because of the pandemic. These cars aren’t going anywhere, and your health is more important. Once the virus is contained in the near future, there will surely be more cars to spot and admire.