Everyone wishes for a clean and healthy environment, but do we get it? If yes, to what extent?

2020 is regarded as a black year for numerous reasons. Be it Coronavirus or the climate crisis; the human race has been hit by several forces from all corners. As such, nowadays, people are looking for two things primarily – either a job or a good quality disinfectant!

With the onset of the coronavirus, we need to be more careful about infections

AHAM Blog | With the onset of Coronavirus, awareness towards germs and infections has increased

We’re struggling to find the best products which can guarantee safety. But the sad truth is that there are no products that can guarantee safety. Yes, my friend, you read that right.

There’s never been a product that can give you a 100 percent germ-free environment. Though most companies claim their products offer impeccable protection against germs, none of them are 100 percent effective.

Taking a closer look at everyday germ-exposure levels

Have you ever tried taking a look at your palms? Well, of course, you have, but try it with a microscope next time. Once you do, we won’t be surprised if you never use them to eat again! This is because you’ll find numerous bacteria on the surface of your palms, even after washing them.

Now you might ask – can we ever have a germ free life? According to Emily Bennett, the UNC Medical Center Infection Prevention’s director, the answer to that is ‘No.’ And this is why.

you’ll find numerous bacteria on the surface of your palms, even after washing them.

Acme Bail | According to health experts, humans can never have a 100 percent germ-free life

More than our cells, bacteria reside in and on our bodies in a lot more volume. But all of them aren’t dangerous; that is if they’re not found at an inappropriate place. To explain this, Emily gave the example of the staphylococcus bacteria, which is commonly found in our nose but can be lethal if it reaches the blood circulation. Another example she cited was that of yogurt. Yogurt has bacteria like the streptococcus thermophilus and lactobacillus bulgaricus, but none of them are deadly. Rather, they’re good for our gut and help in digestion. What’s more, they’re even found on plants, and many of them help in making fertile soil.

All that said, germs and viruses like the Coronavirus or Influenza are deadly. These are the ones you should avoid by taking proper precautionary measures.

Does a sanitizer/disinfectant make our surroundings clean?

The answer is again ‘No.’ Allow us to tell you why.

Whenever you clean a surface, the germs wipe out from it. But it stays that way for just a couple of seconds. After this, the germs again gather on the surface.

germs on surfaces

Shutterstock | Even after sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces and hands, germs return after a little while

Now, considering that we’ve just seen how certain bacteria play a crucial role in maintaining the environment, maybe instead of finding ways to get rid of them completely, we should try to stay away from deadly viruses or bacteria in particular and tolerate innocuous bacteria so that our bodies get habituated to them. Doesn’t that make sense?

Summing it up

The only way to be safe is by following a hygienic lifestyle. Say, for example, carrying a sanitizer when you’re on the move or cleaning the surface before cooking etc. There are many more ways but it’s up to you which is easier and can be done on a regular basis. We have to be conscious so that our loved ones stay safe and have a well-balanced life.