Human beings have destructed the earth with pollution- there is no doubt about that. We have global warming, mounds of plastic deposits, oily oceans, and extinct species to provide proof of human malignancy and irresponsibility. The global restrictions during the coronavirus provided an image of an alternate world that thrived without human intervention. Animals were free to traverse the grounds, oceans got clear and the air got cleansed to a great extent.

That does not mean that humans should cease to enjoy life, but we should make a conscious effort to reduce our carbon footprint and conserve the glory of our home planet. When it comes to tourism, there is now a greater awareness and demand for eco-friendly tourism spots. Statistics from revealed that 70% of the travelers showed an inclination towards sustainable tourism.

Now, trip advisors are designing travel plans for places that are not overly crowded and are making a conscious effort to preserve the natural beauty of every tourist attraction. The elaborate plans include dining at a restaurant that offers local and organically produced foods. The architectural plans of the hotel, too, are formulated in harmony, with nature at its core.

If you are seeking a travel destination that will allow you to enjoy the natural beauty of the world without corrupting its magnificence, listed below are a few options for you.

1. Kasiiya Papagayo

An ultimate retreat at the shore of Costa Rica, Kasiiya Papagayo offers eco-friendly suites that function on solar energy. It is built with conscious conservation of the 123-acres of virgin wilderness around it. Even its walkways are made with wood to continue the natural theme. Here, the emphasis is laid on activities like hiking and snorkeling that allow one to engage with nature and coexist.

Kasiiya Papagayo

Polo Lifestyle Magazine | Solar power is one of the most sustainable ways to power an entire hotel!

2. Hotel West Hollywood

This eco-friendly hotel in Los Angeles is nestled upon the Hollywood Hills and looks upon the entire city like an eagle. It focuses on energy conservation and also features an organic garden that boasts of naturally grown vegetables, century-old olive trees, and beehives to foster honey production.

A restaurant within the premises by Chris Crary- Hotel 1 and a farm stand set in the main lobby of the Hotel West both are examples of ventures set up to support the local farmers by utilizing their produce, which would have otherwise gone to waste. It sure is a must-visit place for tourists going to California with environmental conservation in mind.

Hotel West Hollywood

1hotels | The breathtaking view will keep you coming back again and again

3. Gulf State Park

The Lodge at Gulf State Park is much like the Kasiiya Papagayo resort in Costa Rica. It was renovated in 2018 to be more eco-friendly, encouraging a bond with nature by offering activities like kayaking, birding, or going out with a guide to explore the nine parks built over the 28-acres of the State Park, each with a different ecosystem and a whole new experience.

The landscape design is native to the region and can thrive without proper irrigation or fertilization. This is so that the local habitat can seek refuge in the park. During the hatching season of May to October, a lot of turtles swim to the shore to mate and lay eggs.

Gulf State Park

The Lodge at Gulf State Park | What humans need is a stronger bond with animals

All these tourist spots are remarkable because they allow you to view a world that is saved from the corruption of humans. Eco-friendly tourism encourages a world that allows nature to take precedence over selfish, humanly desires.