When we say “royal family”, your mind probably goes directly to the British royal family, with Queen Elizabeth II as the long-living monarch, and a whole line of heirs waiting for their chance to ascend the throne.

You might not realize that there are 43 other countries globally, that have a royal family in power. That’s right, 43! And Sweden is one of them.

 royal family in power

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Changes to the Swedish Royal Family

Last year, King Carl XVI Gustaf, the current ruling monarch in Sweden, announced changes to the Swedish royal family, stating that the ‘His/Her Royal Highness’ title would no longer be applied to his grandchildren from Princess Madeleine and her husband, Chris O’Neill, as well as Prince Carl Philip and his wife, Princess Sofia.

These changes were brought into effect to highlight members of the royal family who would be expected to perform duties necessary to be carried out by the Head of State.

The Crown Princess Victoria, her husband, Prince Daniel, and their children, Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar, do not have to accede to this decision, seeing as the crown princess is the heir to the throne. In light of this information, it is only befitting that her siblings’ children are not made members of the royal house.

Changes to the Swedish Royal Family

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Their Thoughts on it

As far as public statements go, it seems that both Prince Carl and Princess Madeleine are quite satisfied with this change in the rules. Prince Carl took to Instagram to share his views on the matter, highlighting them as “positive” in his eyes.

The royal mentioned that this change would enable his sons, Alexander and Gabriel, to have much freer choices. The duchies, Dalarna and Södermanland, which were given to the princes at birth, will be retained by them indefinitely. The statement also highlighted the Prince’s support to the King and the Crown Princess for reaching this difficult decision.

Princess Madeleine, furthermore, stated that this change in royal policies would allow her children, Princesses Leonore and Adrienne, and Prince Nicolas, to shape their life more freely as private individuals.

More News From Prince Carl and Princess Sofia!

Since this declaration was made by the Swedish Royal House back in 2019, there wasn’t much reason to pay attention to the change. However, with Princess Sofia and Prince Carl’s latest announcement, we can’t help but think how odd it would be for the royal couple to bring life to the world who doesn’t have the HRH title.

Prince Carl and Princess Sofia

Instagram, Kungahuset | Pregnancy announcement photograph

That’s right. Only recently, the Kungahuset, or Swedish Royal House’s Instagram page, featured a black-and-white picture of the couple, with a caption that announced the pregnancy. For now, we remain unsure as to whether the baby is a boy or girl, but, it’s safe to say that this baby will not be born with a royal title like its brothers were.