The pure and unconditional love shared by a pet and its owner is difficult to find. Their furry friends are like their children for pet parents, and they can’t fathom anything happening to them. How then would they feel if their little companions are snatched away from them in front of their eyes?

That’s what Lady Gaga went through during the last week of February 2021, when two men kidnapped her pet dogs at gunpoint. Though the event created quite a media hype and Lady Gaga was reportedly beyond distraught, thankfully, her dogs have returned to her safe and sound.

 Lady Gaga And Her French Bulldogs

News9 | In the last week of February 2021, two men kidnapped Lady Gaga’s pet dogs at gunpoint

Here’s what happened that night…

On the night of February 24, 2021, Ryan Fischer, Lady Gaga’s friend and dog sitter, took her three dogs for a walk in Hollywood. Shortly after, two men in a Nissan Altima attacked them on the sidewalk.

The duo struggled to steal the dogs while Ryan was trying his best to protect them. In no time, one of the suspects took out his gun and shot Ryan in the chest, after which they picked up the French bulldogs, Koji and Gustav, and fled from the crime scene.

Soon after the incident, Ryan was taken to a nearby hospital in a critical condition. As per current reports, he’s recovering well. While fighting the dognappers, Ryan managed to save Miss Asia, one of Lady Gaga’s three pups.

As per the responders’ description, Ryan had collapsed on the ground while holding Miss Asia tightly in his arms. Later, Lady Gaga’s bodyguard picked up Miss Asia from LAPD’s Hollywood station.

French Bulldogs

AP | The dogs were kidnapped when Ryan Fischer, Lady Gaga’s friend, and dog sitter, had taken them for a walk

How were the bulldogs found?

Lady Gaga had to bear the trauma of an injured Ryan and stolen Koji and Gustav from afar. When this incident took place, she was shooting for a movie in Rome. On February 26, she took to Instagram to pray for the safe return of her pets. Hours after the post, a woman went to LAPD station to handover the two pups.

A spokesperson from the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed that the dogs were unharmed. However, people are still wondering whether this woman will get the $500,000 reward that Gaga had offered for their safe return.

In her Instagram post, Lady Gaga had shared several photos of Koji and Gustav while describing her pain of losing them. The 34-year-old songwriter prayed for her family to be reunited and said that if someone had purchased or found her pets unknowingly, they can return the dogs and still get the money. Gaga also thanked Ryan Fischer for protecting her family and said that he will always be a hero for them.

As of now, no one knows whether the woman who returned the dogs had bought them unknowingly or is linked with the suspects.


TMZ | It’s unclear at this point whether the woman who has returned the dogs will get the promised reward

Has Lady Gaga met Koji and Gustav yet?

Since Lady Gaga is in Rome, we believe she hasn’t had the chance to reunite with her pet dogs yet. Currently, she’s shooting for the movie House of Gucci, which is supposed to release on November 24, 2021.