Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge and a proud maternal figure to three royal heirs, has, over the years, merged as an icon of grace and modesty through her countless heart-touching incidences, and her kind nature.

Interestingly, as of late, the royal has been seen sporting a new gold necklace and earring set. You might think that this is just another piece from her vast arsenal of jewelry but, we’d have you know that the set is much more special than you’d think.

Kate Middleton

Yahoo |The set glows brightly against Kate’s skin

In March 2020, Kate Middleton and Prince William went on a tour to Ireland, where they also visited the Salthill Knocknacarra Gaelic Athletic Association club (SKGAA) as part of their itinerary. Here, the couple required a place to freshen up between the tightly scheduled engagements of the day. For this purpose, they were hosted in a treatment room present on site belonging to a physiotherapist, Therese Tully.

Therese Tully, a keen admirer of the royal family, seized this opportunity to present Kate Middleton with a customized gift. The gift featured a necklace with three discs, each boasting an initial of Kate’s three children- Princess Charlotte, Prince George, and Prince Louis. A pair of hoop earrings complimented the necklace. This thoughtful gift was handcrafted in 14 karat gold by the local artisan of Galway, Aisling O’Brien.

royal family

Hello Magazine |The necklace has become a representation of her beloved children

Therese Tully spurred the owner of “the Falling Stars,” the local jewelry house, just two days prior to the royal visit, into fashioning this subtle but beautiful jewelry ensemble.
In an exclusive interview with the People, Tully revealed that she shares an ancestry with the royal family. She was born and raised in Galway and ran the club’s physiotherapy clinic for two years. She delivered this token to the royal couple by leaving it in her clinic with her business card and a special note to Katherine Middleton to accept her gesture of love.

Kate personally thanked Therese for her thoughtful present during the following Gaelic Football training drills, in which the royal couple participated in and enjoyed the sport. Later, Tully also received an official letter from the Kensington Palace by Middleton’s assistant thanking her for such a beautiful present, assuring Tully that Kate plans to adorn the gift for months to come. Indeed, her subsequent visits to Ireland and later upon returning too she was seen with the same jewels.

It is a testament to the humble and kind nature of Kate that she not only accepted the gift but, showed her due to appreciation by sporting it in her public visits.