After many successful business ventures, famous rapper Jay Z is ready to try his luck in the emerging world of at-home fitness and workout equipment. To that end, tennis player Novak Djokovic and Jay Z have collaborated to launch an exclusive at-home fitness equipment brand named CLMBR.

Jay-Z Fitness

According to the VP of Research at Mindbody, there has been a great increase in the use of video workouts- approximately 56% and a staggering 78% increase in live streams classes in regards to the statistics from 2019. Many gyms have also reported an increase in their online classes program as well.

With celebrities now taking a greater part in fitness enthusiasts and health-product consumers, we can now see many celebrity-created or endorsed products out there to choose from.

In this list, we talk about the top and the best at-home workout programs that give you the gym experience but in your own home’s comfort.


CLMBR, created by Jay-Z and Novak Djokovic, is set to launch its first products in 2021, which will primarily be vertical climbing machines. Visually, these are quite large in size, but their sleek design is definitely something to keep an eye out for. The company design officer, Nat Carruthers, explains that the machine’s quality is not an outstanding feature but also its aesthetic and modest design.

The idea was inspired by the simplicity of a home and people’s daily routines, which is clearly reflected in the machine’s simple design. Djokovic explains how vertical climbing is a great workout and helps keep him fit for his athletic career.



Peloton has released its virtual at-home bicycle and treadmill, which gathered quite the hype on its own but, it has further skyrocketed after the endorsement by Beyonce herself. The company has announced a collaboration with world-famous singer-songwriter Beyonce, and this is based not only on exercise and good music but also on charitable.

The company has created a program where they provide 2-year membership for students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Beyonce voiced her opinion, stating that music has the ability to inspire and allow people to explore themselves. Queen Bee also took pride in supporting the students at HBCUs.

3. OBE

This company offers a no-equipment workout that is simple to follow and is founded in dual partnership by Mark Mullett and Ashley Mills. Customers are only required to follow the videos provided, and they are good to go.

Obe has come under the limelight after famous American Actress Kate Hudson and Drew Barrymore, alongside other celebrities like Elsa Hosk and Kelly Ripa, shared their wonderful experience.


This fitness machine also works as a mirror and has handles on both sides that retract to make it look like any normal piece of home décor or furniture.

The creator Yves Behar takes pride in the machine’s swift ability to blend into the home environment and not look out of place. This is what makes it so special. It works not only for the body but for the mind as well.


Since health and fitness have become one of the hot topics of 2020, many people have successfully achieved their fitness goals during the COVID-19 lockdown period. Likewise, with Fitness and Health becoming the new trend, many entrepreneurs see this as a great opportunity to invest in a promising market.