Our bodies NEED sodium but the problem lies in how much we consume. Most of the time, we tend to go overboard because the tastier, the better — therefore the saltier, the yummier.

Who would want bland French fries, right? However, keep in mind that excessive consumption of salt can lead to a host of health problems. Here are other alternatives to this staple seasoning:

Lemon Juice

Some recipes call for lemon juice or zest. Citrus fruits like orange and lime are packed with vitamin C, which boosts the immune system. It is a good alternative to salt because the acid lifts the flavors of the meal.

Lemon Juice Instead of Salt

AS Food Studio, Shutterstock | Lemon is a great way to bring the flavor out

This means that it naturally brings out the saltiness of your dish. Hence, there’s no need to add salt! The zest or juice can be squirted over salads and cooked vegetables.


More than literally giving color to the dish, paprika is a good way to metaphorically bring life to an otherwise bland meal. It can add a smoky and sweet flavor to a dish or it can even replace salsa, which has high sodium content.

Paprika Instead of Salt

GoncharukMaks/Shutterstock Paprika adds a wonderful sunset color to the meal

Plus, it is linked to many health benefits. One study found that the capsaicin, which makes some variants of paprika spicy, may hinder the growth of cancer cells.


Another kitchen staple, garlic easily elevates the dish to new heights. Although it is quite pungent, it does the job of adding flavor to anything.

Garlic Instead of Salt

Meaofoto/Shutterstock Garlic may be pungent but it packs flavor

Whenever you’re cooking, double the amount of garlic and lessen the salt you use. Apart from adding taste to food, it also has health benefits – it was found to lower blood pressure!


You can practically add basil to anything and it will still taste good. It has a distinctive smell and flavor that compliment almost every food.

Plus, basil is loaded with vitamins A, C, E, and K, and also has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties. It’s quite versatile, too, because you can use it as part of your meal or as a garnish.

Apple Cider Vinegar

One that’s steadily gaining popularity nowadays is the apple cider vinegar. Many people use it not just for cooking but for cleaning, skincare regimen, and many more.

It is also a good replacement for salt because like lemon zest, it also brings out the flavor in meats. It is also a great substitute for expensive salad dressings.


Like garlic, ginger is also a great addition to your kitchen staples. They are also pungent and oftentimes have a distinct, flavorful heat.

Apart from using it on food, you can also add it to your drink. Squeeze a lemon on a cup of warm water and add finely chopped ginger.