Ever since the pandemic hit, the news supply from the royal family’s end hasn’t been that great. No more events, no more parties – there just hasn’t been as much excitement happening. Don’t you agree?

So with the mission of driving the boredom out from everyday quarantine life, we decided to dig up a few interesting bits from Prince William and Prince Harry’s past and see if there’s any dirt there. And as it turns out, we’ve found somewhat of a shocking revelation!

The Royal Nanny

Marie Claire | Did you know Prince William and Prince Harry’s nanny Baba was fired without notice?

Here’s the scoop

Do you know what Robert Lacey, the royal historian, has to say about Prince William and Prince Harry’s beloved nanny?

A statement given by Lacey points out that Princess Diana thought that the nanny, Barara “Baba” Barnes, was a little too possessive with the kids. She started setting control over the kids after she was hired. Barnes, called Baba by Harry and William, with time, became almost like their surrogate mother. She closely monitored all their activities from walking to talking, so she grew very close to them.

The statement further adds that the nanny comforted the kids when they woke up in the night, and the family holidays to Scotland and Isles were planned without the royal parents; it was just the nanny and kids.

the scoop

Diana Legacy | Statements from Robert Lacey reveal facts

While everything was progressing just fine, a particular incident in 1986 disrupted the entire setting. It was Lord Glenconner’s birthday. He was Barnes’ former employer and she took a trip to attend the event. While there, Barnes was pictured alongside celebrities like Princess Margaret and Raquel Welch. This was the time that Diana, who according to Lacey wasn’t otherwise a good observer, felt something was off.

Though the exact details are unknown at this point, after returning from the event Barnes was informed that she should leave the royal house immediately. She wasn’t even allowed to say goodbye to the kids and was forbidden to contact them in the future. The only thing the boys knew was that their Nanny vanished.

After her departure, which was brutal, Diana instructed her servants to remove her bags and possessions so that there would be no trace of her left.  From the princes’ point of view, their nanny just disappeared into thin air.

Soon Diana’s death followed in 1997, and the sudden way it happened obviously left the children distraught, bewildered and surprised. But they seemed to accept it and move on soon after.


Celebrity Insider | Baba was really close to the boys but she was asked to leave and never contact the princes again

So, what are the Princes up to these days?

Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, has been spotted baking during the lockdown period as his first in-person engagement in the past 3 months. Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markel, on the other hand, have been captured witnessing their son Archie’s first steps.