Are you often stressed and anxious, or suffer from a rapid heart rate or lack of immunity? If the answer to that question is “Yes,” why don’t you resort to nature to find a solution?

As it turns out, nature (agriculture in particular), can help you get rid of many of the worries that the world throws at you. Several scientific studies have proved that humans can find the solution to most of their problems in nature’s lap. It is the origin, and it is the rejuvenation source.

It’s simple, really. Where do you imagine you’d feel more at peace – sitting in a luxurious apartment in-front of an ultra HD television, or barefoot at a beach feeling the cold breeze against your face as you close your eyes in bliss? Well, there’s your answer!

Nature And Increasing The Happiness

ICCS | Science has proved that you can find the solution to most of your problems in nature

On that note, here are a few easy ways in which you can dramatically inculcate positivity and happiness in your life by connecting with nature. If you’re never tried these things before, do give them a shot. You can thank us later!

Care for plants for half an hour a week

According to the results of a survey published in the Public Health Journal of Medicine, people who spent about half an hour per week caring for plants, flowers, and trees showed improved mental health. It was also found that those caring for farmland had no weight problems and could keep a fit shape easier than others.

 caring for plants bring happiness

Unsplash | Spending half an hour a week with plants can do wonders for your mental health

The secret in the color ‘green’

Science has shown that the color green, which is characteristic of nature, gives the human soul an immense feeling of optimism and happiness. It provides a sense of comfort and calm and helps you breathe deeply even if you can’t notice it.

This is the real reason why being surrounded by nature is an effective psychological treatment for problems like depression, frustration, tension, and more. The green environment also contributes to raising the level of activity and vitality in general.

Natural air filters

Did you know that some plants act as “filters” or purifiers of the air inside a house? They help get rid of all toxins in the home. Among the best plants that purify the house’s air, especially from toxic substances such as formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene, are lily, chrysanthemums, ivy, bamboo, gerbera and rubber plants.

Natural air filters bring happiness

Cloudfront | Nature has the power to make us feel positive and happy

To wrap it up

By growing plants around you, not only do you contribute to transforming your surroundings but also help alleviate the suffocating urban atmosphere.

If you can’t grow plants in your house or aren’t good at taking care of them, at least try to make the background of your phone or computer green. Put pictures of plants and nature there, and you will definitely notice their positive effect on your life!