Hilary Duff’s fans worldwide are rejoicing with excitement as the actress recently broke the news of her pregnancy recently through an Instagram post!  The announcement post features a boomerang video of Matthew rubbing Hilary’s belly to announce their big news.

Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma

Instagram, Hilary Duff |The family will be welcoming a fifth member soon

Hilary’s Summer Adventures!

The star opened to her fans over the summer about parenting during COVID-19 and uncovered personal details about whether she and her husband were planning on having another child soon.

From what we’ve gathered, the couple was seriously looking into the prospects of bringing another life into the world. Still, we never received a confirmation on the matter from them- until now.

She mentioned how obsessed the couple was about their kids and whether they should have another? If the pandemic is a good time to have a baby with the uncertainty looming around the air?

Most importantly, is it safe to bring a baby into the world, given the circumstances?

Hilary Duff with her two little ones

Just three months ago, the actress showed off her chiseled abs while discussing her health and fitness routine with her fans on her favorite platform, Instagram. Who would’ve thought that she’d be saying goodbye to those babies to welcome her own new baby just a couple of months later?

What’s cuter is that Hilary just can’t seem to stop talking about how much fun she had with her husband during the lockdown! With the hustle-bustle of everyday life, it seems like the pandemic was just the thing these lovebirds were looking for.

However, Duff also remained very vocal about how hard it is to keep up and find normalcy in quarantine. She said in another Instagram video that she hoped that everyone makes at least 30 minutes in a day to stay connected with themselves by doing whatever makes them happy, even if it’s not food or fitness related.

Hilary Duffs Baby

Instagram, Hilary Duff |Baby #3 would be lucky to have such loving siblings

The actress is one of the many celebrities who announced their pregnancy in 2020, with famous couples like GiGi Hadid and Zain Malik, Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger, and Joaquin Pheonix and Rooney Mara, who also evidently had quite a fun time during the lockdown.