You all recognize sugar as the white poison but, hardly anyone knows how to eliminate it from the diet completely. It is critical that you make considerable effort to eradicated sugar from your diet, especially because most of the foods you consume already have natural sugar to give you the boost you need in your daily life. For example, consume some sweet potatoes, and you have satiated a share of your sugar cravings.

According to the American Heart Association (AHA), you must limit your sugar intake to just 25 grams each day if you are a female, and if you are a male, you can push it to 36 grams. That may require quite a restraint on your part, especially if you are a person who can eat half a dozen cupcakes in one sitting or if you are habitual of snacking on chocolate when anxious.


Unsplash | Snacks double your daily sugar requirement

However, here are a few measures you can take to limit your sugar intake for your heart and healthy life.

 – Remove the sweet and unhealthy snacks from your room

This should be the first step you must take when embarking on a mission to reduce sugar intake in your life. If you do not have loads of chocolates and sugar-loaded biscuits in your room when you crave for it, there is a likelihood that you would automatically snack on something else which may be more healthy for you. Your heart may ask for the sweets, but you would not be able to fulfill its demand.

sweet and unhealthy snacks

Unsplash | Snacks lying around will tempt you

 – Get your caffeine kick from hot sugar-free beverages

You might be habitual of gulping down soda and fizzy drinks when feeling tired. This is your body’s natural response to fatigue, that it demands sugar to provide you the much-needed sugar rush that can get you through the daily chores. However, you can provide your body with an equal energy spike if you consume tea or coffee.

affeine kick

Unsplash | Get your energy spike from caffeine

 – Get hold of your emotions

You might not realize, but lots of times, you consume sugary food to beat down anxiety, sadness, and mood swings. Consuming sugar, though, is not a solution for fighting off the dark and gloomy days. Learn to deal with your emotions in a constructive way rather than depending on dopamine that is released upon consumption of sweets to suppress your concerns.

These three tips and tricks can help you reduce the sugar intake in your daily life. After all, why endorse something that is openly acknowledged as poison for the body.